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28 Aug 2015


“It’s the hard knock life (uh-huh) for us! It’s the hard knock life, for us! “ Listen to the instrumental while you read my words, JUST DOOO IT! (X) Thank you HOVA, The 45 King, & DJ Kid Capri for making this anthem we still #KNOCKAROUND! If you didn’t comprehend what

20 Aug 2015

75th Annual Nisei Festival and Parade! #ILLESTLA

    The 75th Annual Nisei Festival and Parade was the #ILLEST! Unlike most of what we experience for the first time, this Nisei Festival was actually both entertaining and a pleasure to be a part of! Nisei Fest consists of musical performances, cultural dance showcases, exclusive Nisei-only eats, car-show

06 Nov 2014

Hello Kitty Con 2014

The first ever Hello Kitty Con happened this weekend. I was there.  I couldn’t NOT be. It was what every Hello Kitty enthusiast’s dreams are made of. Kid-size imagination in life-size reality. And I was there.  I couldn’t NOT be. Happy 40th birthday Hello Kitty… and happy 40th to me.

28 Aug 2013


As a way to celebrate this upcoming Labor Day holiday, take advantage of our online and in-store sale this upcoming Monday, September 2, 2013! Valid online (Fatlace | Illest) and in-store (LA | OC)*, Purchase any Illest Fall 2013 item, and get a second item* for 50% off! *Must be

28 Aug 2013

Sneaker Pimps x DXC LA

Sneaker Pimps is back in LA this Saturday, August 31st with a live performance by Casey Veggies and more! Sneaker Pimps is the world’s largest sneaker exhibition and street based art show. Having toured the world for over 11 years and producing more than 300 shows in 63 cities globally,

25 Aug 2013


My friendship with Bambu dates back to my Chicharon Adventures days. Since then, I’ve produced two of his music videos, hosted his parties, reviewed his albums, and built on so much shit from business to people. He was back in LA last night to headline a show at The Echoplex,

31 Aug 2012

Event Preview ~ Torres Empire Los Angeles Car Show & Concert ~ Sunday 9/2

Torres Empire is back again at the LA Convention Center this Sunday for their second annual Los Angeles car show & concert. This year the show has a new sponsor! MISTER CARTOON SANCTIOND™ PREMIUM CAR CARE LINE SPONSORS 2012 TORRES EMPIRE LOWRIDER LOS ANGELES SUPERSHOW Family-Friendly Lowrider Show Returns for

23 Feb 2012

Sh*t LA Publicists Say

Everyone has been creating these type of videos from “Shit Girls Say” to “Shit Sneakerheads Say.” I came across this one recently featuring up and coming comedian Zo Johnson and thought it was pretty on point as I’ve dealt with publicists in LA just like this…although most aren’t as masculine.

14 Jun 2011

Hellaflush LA Redux

Every year I look forward to the Hellaflush LA meet. Always a good time catching up w/ our LA fam at the chill setting of Venice Beach. The day started super early and there was a line to get in before we even got there. One of the ticket machines

06 Jun 2011

Wekfest snaps

I went out to Wekfest in Long Beach to enjoy a day of cars and sun. By the end of the day I got tons of both. My head still burns a little, and I think it went to my brain too cause I managed to snap away a couple