08 Aug 2013

Iron Man 3 Bearbrick now available

New Iron Man 3 BearBricks are now available. Representing Tony Stark’s MK 42 Iron Man suit, the bears show off their fresh new suits with the iconic red and gold paint scheme and are available in 400% and 1000% sizes. They will be available soon in our Los Angeles and

09 Feb 2013

7 Days in Osaka – Day 2 Cars & Toys

Day 1 passed by very quick cause most of the time you land in Tokyo or Osaka around 2-4pm unless you’re taking the redeye which gets to to Tokyo (Haneda Jal has a flight like this) around 8am so you can enjoy a full day. Today we had a few

15 Jul 2011

DJ Nu-Mark x Toys

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bb4etMWgEyU&feature=related[/youtube] Here’s a video of DJ Nu-Mark from different performances, encompassing children’s toys in his set up. Kind of crazy how it works, but very innovative. Let it inspire us to try new things with our craft!

28 Jun 2011


I’ve been collecting toys for quite some time now and now that we’ve got a fairly sized warehouse, you’ll see that the toys have been scattered throughout. But what you’ll find in my office is some of my more treasured toys. Decided to shoot this in fisheye cause both Yogi