Day 1 passed by very quick cause most of the time you land in Tokyo or Osaka around 2-4pm unless you’re taking the redeye which gets to to Tokyo (Haneda Jal has a flight like this) around 8am so you can enjoy a full day.

Today we had a few things on the loose itinerary. Osaka Automesse for a quick interview with one of the coolest magazines in Japan called Motorhead. I met up with Nori as he asked me questions about the show why I chose to goto Automesse versus Tokyo Autosalon last month. The interview will be in the next issue of Motorhead. Check that out.

We also passed by ISMart in Suzuka. This shop carries almost all our illest product and will be selling cars and parts as well. It was nice to get out to the countryside. While we were there, they took me to a store called B-Team. A hobby shop full of adult collectibles as well as the owners personal Mini Cooper collection. It was really intense as many of the toys for sale were from the 80’s and 90’s. I honestly got overwhelmed and had to stop shopping or I’d end up leaving with the entire store. If you ever get a chance, check it out.

ISM art. / 059-389-7958
1531 Nishitamagaki-cho
Suzuka-shi Mie 513-0815 Japan

Pulled up to the parking lot of Automesse and there were so many cars of interest that you could have spent a few hours just shooting each one. Due to the meeting at 10, I decided that I’ll wait til tomorrow to walk around the parking lot. I did take a few snaps.. like this worn down but very used R32 GTR.

And this Toyota Van. Toyota really needs to start bringing in their vans and stop making US versions. Itll help American’s lose weight since they’re more narrower 🙂

No comment..

I know it hurts some people to post this beautiful VSpec R34 GTR but damn, its awesome.

A Toyota IQ car club.. whaaat!

Toyota, are you listening? There’s a big van movement in the USA and its your time to shine.

Work Wheels had a very big display. I’ll be visiting their factory on Tuesday so look out for that feature.

This F31 BMW Wagon made me miss mines.

Right across from Work Wheels was the Enkei / Bride / Cusco booth displaying a few cars and the 380sx. This car is fantastic. I would opt to paint it GTR White Pearl since it does have the R35 engine. This car was built to try and beat a speed record. We’ll see how the 1200hp holds up with it being RWD!!

Engine of the beast.

Bosses. Masahiro & President of Bride, Mr. Takase along with Kent Suzuki of Enkei.

Had to take one with the Boss’s.

I came to Automesse so I wouldnt have to deal with the crazy crowds but there were still some hoarding the girls on cars. I should have a better photo of this Angila E350 Ecotech Estate.


Aimgain had this Lexus on display. Wrapped but done really well. This thing looks fast.

They also had this IS250 which I thought was a ISF. One of my favorites of the show.

G-Swag section. Too crazy for my tastes but perfect for here or russia!

Top Secret R35. No crazy Aero as they focus on SPEEEEED!!

The GTR I have at home has pretty much everything in this engine bay. It doesnt have upgraded turbo’s but its producing around 600+hp. This one most likely is around 1000hp!

The Denso Super GT BRZ. Its as fast as it looks.

I bet this thing flys.

Newest Honda Model sporting Mugen

Top Fuel S2000. You can’t get any better than this!

Dorifto Cars were on display too. I’ll take more photos today as I discover the other 4 halls I didnt get to check out. It’s a much smaller show but it seems more manageable versus the goliath of shows, Tokyo Autosalon.

Ahhh.. the E350 Estate without the ladies. Once can dream.

New Volkswagen model UP!. USA is set to receive this car so for those people interested with the budget of around 10k, here’s your car. Its small and very nice inside.

Left after 2 hours to head to Suzuka but took another look around the parking lot and spotted this Suzuki Wagon R. Very nicely styled!

Back view of the Wagon R.

Tunnel shots are always nice.

Pulled up to ISM Mart and saw this Majesta recently finished by Sato. Amazing VIP car with Work Wheels.

Corner View. No Bags. That’s really how they roll here in JP all day long. Crazy.

ISM carries all Illest products. You’ll find wheels and other accessories as well. Nice Job guys.

Tagged up the spot with some real spotty paint.

This EvoX rolled up as he heard I delivered some of our new Spring line. The EvoX pictured with a JDM Ego plate.

This one’s for you Max. It was as clean as it looked and it sounded even better.

With Toshi & Sato

Sato & His Wife.

Toshi’s Civic!

Lets get Crunky!

Headed to probably one of the best finds I’ve ever been to. B-Team is someones personal collection turned hobby store full of adult collectible toy cars. It was amazing.

Mini’s & Toys. Ricky would die a happy man here.

Very Clean Mini’s

White was awesome.

Ebbro’s & Mini Champs for days. 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s were all for sale. Dust covered and all.

So many ChoroQ’s

And Toy Models..

There was a cartoon in the old days of Japan called The Circuit Wolf. Not sure this would pass PR wise in the states.


He collects shot glasses and other random stuff.

There’s a mini store in front of the Warehouse. Im not sure why but it was full of stuff.

I didnt bother looking.. well I did but didnt want to get caught up again.

And we ended the day shopping.. This 124 was perfect.

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