12 Feb 2013

FTLC Motorsports: Word Up! 2.16.13 & Recap

    Two weeks ago, Word Up 2013 commenced its first drifting event for the year which means drifting season is officially in session! Get more pumped as the second drifting event is fast approaching! Register and lock up your spot for Word Up! this Saturday February 16th at the

12 Oct 2012

Word Up: Local Drift Land

A few weeks ago was our Word Up drift event, along with the Hellaflush car show. The day started early. We met up at the paddock at 6AM and left by 7. Met up with Felix, Jon, Lelsie, Joe, Brandon and the rest of the caravan. At Rodeo we met

27 Sep 2012

Hellaflush XIII: Vallejo, CA

Another successful Hellaflush has come to a close last weekend. This time we had many different activities, from the traditional car show to a B-boy battle to drifting and a concert by The Parade. Here is a collection of images from the event.

13 Feb 2011

Wooord Up yo

Word up last week started early as usual. I hitched a ride w/ Philly. It was a mellow event w/ half the drivers. I was excited to see the touge track layout. Here’s a little bit of the tandem action with Luis and Earl. Two of my favorite cars. Aiden

09 Feb 2011

Word Up!!!

Well another month has passed and so another Word Up event has taken place.  This one had a limited amount of drivers, but it made for a much more relaxed and easy-going vibe.  The perfect weather sure didn’t hurt either.  Looking forward for next months!

24 Jan 2011

More Word Up, January

This time around I decided to bring an SLR. No rain and needed to keep things interesting while running the tracks. By far this was the smoothest Word Up yet. The drivers are improving and less cones are getting knocked over, haha! We also had a Mogo BBQ swing by

19 Jan 2011

Word Up Jan 16th

Here are some pictures from last weekend’s Word Up event.  Sunny weather and a great turn out made for some a pretty great drifting day.  The ratio of returning drivers and new drivers was just right.  Also, it’s interesting to see the drivers who have attended the previous 2 events

20 Dec 2010

say word

Here’s a short and sweet video I did from Saturday’s event. I hope you guys enjoy! Watch in 720HD!!!

19 Dec 2010

Word UP! December

Let me first of all start by saying I am BEAT! The quick LA to the Bay trips are gnarly every other week. I am digging these Word UP events so much that I got to be at them all though. I know you’ll certainly see plenty of coverage on

25 Nov 2010

Word Up, yo

Word up was a lot of fun. Day started super early. Sun wasn’t even up yet. Why is it much easier to wake up for a motorsport event than getting up for work? Hmmmm. Started with a stop at the gas station. I’m so glad we didn’t have to drive