09 Dec 2013


Aloha Nui everyone!  Check out this public mural works project in Hawaii called Pow Wow Hawaii.  This video celebrates the 3rd annual week long event, the Kanaka lifestyle (Hawai’i and the people) and the artist who come to celebrate the energy of this great place! POW! WOW! HAWAII 2013 from

26 Jul 2012

Ken Swifts 4th Annual ‘Ride the Breaks’ 2012

In the middle of the Pacific there is something very special that is about to take place.  Big Island (Kona, Hawaii) is the home to Ken Swift’s (7 Gems) Annual ‘Ride the Breaks’ Hip Hop event.  Event coordinators Yaro Osofly & Reptilian Tank (and others) help create this amazing event!

24 Jul 2012

Style Writing from the Underground

Aloha Nui everyone!  East3 checking in and dropping my first post!  I am a Style Writer from Honolulu, Hawaii and I have a passion for the Hip Hop Arts, Music and Dance which has lead me to learn about the history and the pioneers who truly laid it down. The

02 Jul 2012

East 3 for Rauh Welt

On Friday, East 3 came by Rauh Welt to do a piece titled, ROUGH WORLD. Hailing from Hawaii, East 3 is a life long “Writer” and Hip Hop practitioner since the 1980′s. In 1993, he met and began studying under his mentor, the legendary P.H.A.S.E. 2 (NYC). Currently East 3

10 May 2011

Prime 808 & Krush TWS workshop in Kona 2011

I had an old friend named Krush from my old crew, TWS. We fell out of touch for maybe 10 years, and in the last year or so reconnected. Turns out he’s married with a child, and happy in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i. Well now he’s got the bug and recently organized