Everything in life is a learning process. When getting into a hobby, one does not automatically know what they are doing from the get go. It takes time, patience, and a lot of internet haters to form your own style. It took two years for John Tran to figure out that he was in love with the “hella flush” scene and wanted to build a fast car. When people think “hella flush,” they normally don’t associate a fast car having ridiculous wheel fitment. With his carefree attitude, he has created a car that has received both positive and negative attention. Some people are even calling it the “trance” style. Track + Stance. It’s weird, because John just wanted to build a car for himself, not for the internet, and for that we applaud you, John.

John designed his front end to be as aggressive as possible, converting the car to a JDM Type R front end with a VIS front lip. He also added J’s Racing canards and J’s Racing air ducts for the air flow efficiency. Surprisingly, all of these modifications are still intact despite John driving his car to work everyday at this height. With this kind of setup, John had to choose the right set of wheels for his confused race car. He wanted something shiny and flashy, but also able to take an apex without falling apart. This is why he chose the CCW LM-5’s. Here is a classy set of wheels that was custom built to a spec of 17×9, just for his car.To confuse people even more, he made his wheels look clean from far away, but it’s actually extremely dirty when looking up close. Nothing a little polishing won’t fix.Trance Style.A big J’s Racing Wing to help with down force and can also be used as a table to eat off of when you’re eating at a parking lot meet.God Speed X-Bar to help make the car look like a jungle gym and keep the car feeling rigid.A race car only requires the bare minimum. A Buddy Club seat, a steering wheel, and a colorful Moddiction shift knob.The Devil’s Advocate. In a month or so, this car will have a small little snail to make it fast enough to avoid the internet’s hate for it. Who am I kidding, there is no car fast enough for that. If you like Honda engines and like to be confused follow John on instagram @johndc2tran for updates on his engine build.

If you would like to submit your car for a hella flush feature, email me at ngu.minh@ymail.com. I would love to see what you are working on. Thanks for reading!

Modification List
12 inch vibrant resonator
2.5inch exhaust straight piped
a/c, p/s delete
edelbrock intake manifold
aem fuel rail
aem fuel pressure regulator
-6an fuel lines/ inline filter
clutch masters fx400 clutch
clutch masters 9lb flywheel
innovative 85a billet motor mounts
walbro 255
blox cam seal plug
mishimoto fan switch
mishimoto radiator
mishimoto rad hoses
mishimoto slim fan
inlinefour thermal throttle body and intake manifold gaskets
p28 obd1 ecu with hondata s300
ngk wires
ngk bkr7e
moroso steel pan
jdm front
96spec itr headlights
09+ tsx projector d2s hid retrofit
vis spoon lip
j’s racing canards
j’s racing air duct
j’s racing gt wing
voltex 275mm stands
cwest side skirts
ccw lm5 17×9
yokohama s drives
zerg industries lug nuts
oem window visors
buddyclub front upper control arms
buddyclub rear upper control arms
asr subframe brace
beaks tie bar
pic select r3, with 12k front, 14k rear spring rates
hardrace rear toe arms
vertex replica steering wheel
nrg quick release
nrg short hub
3.5inch shifter extension
moddiction shift knob
godspeed xbar
buddyclub p1 drivers seat
bride replica passengers seat
buddyclub low down rails for driver
plm low down rails for passenger
400mm broadway mirror