Motorsports in the Philippines has been in a doldrum for quite sometime. In my previous blog post where I featured Eurasia Motorsports, Mark Goddard said that the grassroots type events are blossoming and slowly giving the sport some resounding success stories which gives the Philippine Motorsport the momentum it needs.

Now, The Philippine Motorsports enters the Radical Cars Era.

Radical Cars Philippines was brought to life by like minded individuals that are serious on taking Philippine Motorsport to another level.

In 2019, a flight to the United Kingdom started their Radical Cars Philippines Journey.

The Radical SR3XX
Radical Cars Philippines (L-R) Richie Hormillo, Antonio Brias, Enrique Hormillo, Ricky Galang and Deejay Sanchez.
Radical Cars Factory Visit. They look fast standing still.
Radical Car being prepared in the factory
“This Engine has been Dyno’d” Radical Precision Engineering Engines.

Back in the Philippines, they started to make their presence felt for being the fastest in the land.

Ricky Galang, Mike Consenheim, Antonio Brias and Enrique Hormillo of Radical Cars Philippines
Angie King clocked in at 1:53.763 on her Radical Sr8 at the 2019 Yokohama Clubman Racing, The Fastest Official Time at the Clark International Speedway!

Some familiar faces from my previous blog post are having their time with a Radical

Daniel Miranda and Ivan Carapiet (Ex Asian F3 and Radical Driver Academy Head Coach)
Mark Bumgarner back on the track after almost a decade and gets his first taste of the SR1
Marlon Stockinger is the Motorsports Director for Radical Cars Philippines
The same afternoon he “unofficially” broke the Clark International Speedway Lap Record at 1:53.49 which makes Radical the undisputed fastest Race Car in the Philippines.
Due to Covid-19, like everyone else their plans got pushed back
really BIG and Exciting plans.
This is something to look out for, 2021 perhaps?

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