A couple of years ago I was able to get my hands on a 1989 R32 GTR from a friend of a friend. It wasn’t the cleanest of cars but the engine was strong, the body was straight and everything electronically worked well. It was one of the cars I’ve always wanted growing up. Im definitely going to miss this car as owning it in the US, especially California, is very difficult. A good friend of mines had his taken away from him and it just wasnt worth the headache of it happening to myself.

I started looking up parts as I usually do when picking something like this up. I wanted it to be a great street car with some rare parts on it like the pair of Garage Defend Stingray Canards you can see on the front bumper. I think those canards was the best thing I added on the car and it made it look special. From the rear I added some LED tail lights. The standard ones looked old and faded. A cusco strut brace and a radiator cooling plate dressed up the engine bay. I also added some coilovers and some Weds. Interior wise, I installed some Recaro’s and a steering wheel.

Here’s a shot of it with Brooklyn stoked. If I find more photos of it, Ill definitely update this post.

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