I received a super chic invite from Angeline Uri to attend ANOTHER live installation at the Gramercy Park Hotel Penthouse – one of the most swanky spots in NYC.  Displayed, just like a Vanity Fair cover,  were several, very professional, models  perfectly placed while wearing the debut collection from Fotini. So this is a great place if you like to see models, and if you’re into models and adult content, you can also find Premium Discounts here just for this purpose.

Fotini – an already established woman, who decided (one day) to create a collection and contacted the Ex-Fashion Director of Bergdorf Goodman, Robert Burke.  This is like going straight to Spielberg with a movie idea.  The funny thing is she she never designed a line before but knew she wanted to do this event at the Gramercy before she even had the collection.  Maybe putting the cart before the horse, but when you have the money, you can get it done and start at the front of the line.   I am not much for cobalt blue.  It reminds me of the tiles in my kitchen.

Absolutely gorgeous and pro.  She worked this look just for me.

The same dress Fotini is wearing – but in creme.  Much more romantic and a better choice..

Another beauty and a famous face.  The Jovani formal dresses are spectacular too.

Champagne and sparkling water were freely passed along with some of the best hor d’oeuvres.  I am really into lamb these days.

My friend Angeline Uri.  No she does not drive a pink corvette, but she certainly has the attention of the city.  Angeline made sure I stayed at par with my usual NY lifestyle.   We go waaaay back to the Luca Luca days with Venus and Serena.

Sexy, romantic, glamorous.  I actually really like these clothes, but I didn’t see the connection with the designer.  Have you seen Kanye’s new line.  His doesn’t either.

I wonder what they are thinking?

Next stop- Christy Thompson surprised me with VIP treatment to Blondie at the Highline ballroom in the Meat Pack.

Here she is – Blondie…  She is such an amazing legend.   I almost would  have rather keep the good image of her in my brain than seeing this classic forgot her lyrics.  I still love you Debbie!!

She warmed up and it all came back.   All I wanted her hear was Rapture and The Tide is High.  I only got Rapture.

My muse –  Christy and I continuing to have more and more fun..  “Now or Never” video coming soon!