Recently I had the chance to catch up with one of my friend, Craig. He was telling me that he was about to do a major overhaul on his VW. Suspension, Wheels, ect ect. So I meet up with him to do a quick shoot before he started his build.

This is how his car currently sits….static


Currently he is ridding on a set of Rota DPT’s 18×9.5 et 10 in the front and et 7 in the rear. For his tires he went with a 215/40 all the way around…….little bit of stretch never hurt

For his suspension he went with a set of Raceland Coilovers. Soon his car will be on an amazing bag setup. With his car being static and so low his tires like to rub a little, on the outside and the inside.

I will leave you with two static shots of the car. Keep an eye out for the post when his car is finished.



// Kyle McManus