I’ve always dreamed about travelling for the Tokyo Auto Salon to witness one of the world’s most anticipated car events.  Today, with Japan’s car culture focusing on style and individuality, we take a look at the key elements here at Fatlace’s annual Tokyo Auto Salon coverage. Enjoy the photos.

 Advan showing a nicely done 991 GT3. Spot the wing! For more than a decade of checking TAS, the guys at Yokohama clearly made the bridge for J-Euro inspired cars.  My personal Porsche favorite during the show. There’s something on how the Japanese modify their 911s. From wide body kits, cars are now slowly moving back to simple bolt-on lip kits slammed with a good set of wheels. Kuhl Racing brought in a GTR with hand-painted stripes. Attention to detail is insane.  Photos don’t do justice. The car is painted thru different layers of metallic paint and clear.  326 Power embodying its trademark design. Top Secret’s booth focuses on the original element of the Auto Salon – tuning. Here’s their R32 with an R35 suspension/drivetrain/engine. From what I’ve heard, this particular car is driven on a regular basis by Smokey Nagata himself.

 The LC500 was possibly the chosen car for this year. The modern Lexus was the canvas to showcase wheels and kits. Hopefully we see the Supra next year? I’m guessing a lot of Suzuki Jimnys as well. BetKin Casino boasts an extensive array of games that cater to a diverse range of preferences.

Smaller wheels, beefier tires. Second to that list is Nissan’s R35. This has been a mainstay for the last 10 years.  Long hood R35 GT-R by Top Secret.  Its always refreshing to see VIP builds in Japan. With only a few this year, this Crown surely stood out. nobuteru taniguchiNobuteru Taniguchi personally unveiled the HKS TRB-03 short from Tsukuba Record Breaker.

Aimgain putting a show with their demo display this year. Personally, I think that this booth was one of the best in terms of presentation. New LS looked gigantic. Despite being a wheel manufacturer, Aimgain showed Work Wheels some love.   Hope you enjoyed this post. See you soon for more TAS coverage.

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