My first time going to WEKFEST and I would have to say one of the biggest shows I have ever been to. The amount of cars and the place it was held at was  huge.  Can’t forget about the amount of attendees that were there, almost over 14,000.  A bit overwhelming when I saw crowds of people rushing through the doors to see what people are doing in the car scene. I am definitely going to try to show my car next year, perfect arena to get car exposure. Now time to bombard you with the many photos I took.

There were so many clean VIP cars on display like this LS460.This crowd of people was just the media.. Team Praxis  looking hard as always. Vertex 240. I swear we have a S2K of this color back in socal..  So aggressive and evil looking ISF. I love it.

Finally got to see Max, but this RWB Porsche got in the way of his picture.

VIP Modulars..

I was eyeballing this Civic all day. So much win.

Local PD showed off their new Supra to catch street racers.

I was hoping to see this IS here. Tucking 20’s and rolling static. So boss.

Spotted Keith showing some cars how to stance.

Interesting colors.

One of my favorites at Wekfest. Honda Insight bagged on te-37s. Drool…This car makes me want to bring back my IS300. In my opinion, this car would be complete with black housing headlights and fog lights.

Wouldn’t mind riding top down and listening to Katy Perry in this Benz.

Venue was at full capacity that they staged some of the cars outside.

Overall it was a great experience. If you’ve never been to the home of Wekfest, you should definitely go! Be sure to check out the rest of my photos.