This white all round S15 is owned by a good mate of mine Chris. The car has quickly transformed from a decent example of how to do a S15 nicely, to one of Australia’s freshest takes on the platform. Only 3 months ago it was a bog stock Automatic S15 rolling on some bronze Rota Grids, however Chris decided he wanted to step things up on the 15 and set about swapping the auto out for a 6speed manual. Then changing from copies to genuine, now rocking a staggered TE37 setup with 17 x 9.5 +12 up the front and 18×9.5 +12 down the back. Also what most people don’t realize is that the front lip is in fact a DC2 Vtir front lip, which is definitely a fresh take on things.

More shots can be found at: Andrew Foy Imaging Flickr

Current Specs


BC BR Racing Coilovers two way height adjustable

D-Project Camber arms

Nismo Front Strut Brace

F Volk Te37s 17 x 9.5 +12 Wrapped in 215/45/17 Kuhmo Ku31’s

R Volk Te37s 18×9.5 +12 Wrapped in 225/40/18 Kuhmo Ku31’s

Works Wheel nuts


Nismo 270km/10 000rpm Dash Cluster

Defi BF Boost and Oil Pressure gauge’s

Nismo Duracon Gearknob

Bride Brix 1.5 Reclinable Seat on Super low rail

Sabelt 4 point harness

Engine Mods

Custom tube and fin front mounted intercooler

Trust Airnix Intake kit

Hi-Octane Cooling Panel

Full 3” exhaust system with hi flow cat


Custom NPC Billet flywheel with custom clutch plate

3.9 diff gears

Future plans

-Apexi Power FC

-Nismo 740cc injectors

-Trust TD06-20g Turbo Kit

-Skyline twin piston rer calipers and disks with drum handbrake setup

-Modified OEM Spec R rear wing