Subaru has once again switched it up, but this time going back to the original roots of the USDM STI’s and offering a Sedan model. I came across Jason’s 2011 STI on his site I contacted him so he could get an exclusive shoot together for Fatlace. We haven’t featured a new STI sedan yet so I thought a fitted, clean, and well balanced daily-driven one was a good start. Yeah a car can always be lower or wider, but this to me is just right for a STI that is balanced for all purposes. He’s only been modding this new car for a couple of months so much more is coming. It’s definitely looking clean as of now, and it will hopefully give some people an idea of the potential of the new sedans.

BC BR Racing Coilovers
Cusco Rear Lateral Links

18×9.5 +20 Work XT7
245/40/18 Dunlop
Muteki SR48 Burning Blue Lugs

Rolled and pulled fenders

“Basically I placed an order for the car on Feb 28th and ordered coils the same day. I ordered Wheels the week after, and it all went on within 2 months once the snow went away. My Invidia Q300 Ti should be here this week, and that will go on with a stage 1 tune. Hopefully I can get new wheels after that and change it up again!” – Jason