A week ago I flew down to LA to pick up a Mitsubishi Outlander. I met up with Ernie from Tribe agency and met with our Mitsubishi contact to talk about our plans for it.

Our plans are fairly straight forward. Wheels, Vinyl, and Suspension. We’ll take it on trips to photo shoots, features and events like Sema. Check back from time to time on the Mitsubishi here on the site or search 365 and find post on it.

Here’s a shot of Mitsubishi Headquarters. I didnt think this place would be as big as it was but it was huge.

Driving around the back lot, we saw a few outlanders outfitted for rally.

Also saw the Sparco/Design Craft time attack Evo.

The new 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Imagine with wheels and suspension and a little vinyl. Not bad.

All Electric Cars. ImiEv

Melvin from Mitsubishi getting bullied around by Ernie.

Passed by Meguiars

To see a good friend, RJ De Vera.

Brooklyn asked to come with me for my day trip to LA so I bought her a ticket and we were on a 9am flight to socal. She’s already matching the Sport.

Headed to Illest in Los Angeles to meet up with our good friend Frank from Qubic in New Zealand. Good conversation about next year and hopefully we can expose the NZ car scene to the world.

Picked leslie up from Illest, she too is matching with her hair. Coincidence? no idea.

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