03 Oct 2016


Sydney Motorsport Park hosts an event in October each year, that has a legion of dedicated fans, drivers and constructors. This same event has grown to attract significant international interest proving it as a world renowned event. World Time Attack Challenge has a very simple mantra that encapsulates the event.

08 Mar 2015

Sam’s Lancer Evolution IX

Sam, 23yo and a car mechanic. Since he was a young boy he had a passion for cars. This car was his dreamcar, it’s a dream that came true he told me. The color combination fits the car well, and it’s one of the best looking Evo’s driving around in Belgium! Enjoy the photos!  

04 Jun 2013

Slammed Society: Rob Batz’s Evo X

Congratulations to Rob Batz for winning 1st place JDM at Slammed Society x Hellaflush Hawaii 2013!  It’s easy to see why his Evo X was chosen…full Varis Aero Kit and Hood, Full Carbon GT Wing and Rear Diffuser, Goodyear F1 275/30 tires on 19×10 Advan RZ wheels, JUN Auto Carbon

11 Dec 2012

Devil’s Playground presented by RECARO

This video featuring the now famous Pikes Peak crash of the Team Evolution Mitsubishi EVO driven by Jeremey Foley premiered at the RECARO LA Auto Show event a couple weeks back. It truly shows the importance of quality engineered safety equipment.

10 Mar 2012

311RS Reveal

A few days ago I attended the video reveal for the 311RS built by Ryan Gates at Oakley HQ. Ryan had invited me a about a month ago and I made the trek from Downtown LA along with Dai Yoshihara to South OC…only took about 2 hours due to the

21 Nov 2011

365 Days | Northstar Tahoe

When we got our 2011 Mitusbishi Outlander Sport, one of the first things I noticed that it was equipped with snow/winter tires.  I couldn’t wait until snowboarding was back in season and that day for me was just yesterday.  Northstar Tahoe had just opened up on the 18th and it happened to

30 Aug 2011

365 Days | Formula Drift Las Vegas

Ah, late August. Generally speaking, the hottest time of the year for the US. So what better way to spend that time then to drive for almost 10 hours down to the middle of a notoriously hot desert? Count us in!   This gave us an opportunity to break in

24 Aug 2011

365 Days | a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

A week ago I flew down to LA to pick up a Mitsubishi Outlander. I met up with Ernie from Tribe agency and met with our Mitsubishi contact to talk about our plans for it. Our plans are fairly straight forward. Wheels, Vinyl, and Suspension. We’ll take it on trips

22 Aug 2011

365 Days | Laguna Seca

We received this 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE last week.  Our job is to drive it around and just use this car for what it’s made for.  I have given it about 4 hours of seat time, to and from Monterey for Laguna Seca Historics and around the Bay Area

10 Feb 2011

Fatlace Evo

Well well.. we received photos of this evo about 2 weeks ago and while we’re waiting for new photos (since the ones we got were already featured on forums and other blogs) from Jeff, we’ll keep you waiting with this teasers. moar..