I used to love sliding around in the snow when I was in the mountains and back east, but its not even close to the same.
The other day I got to ride along in the Achilles pro Drift car with their International Formula Drift (Asia) driver. 500+ hp all I can say is I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m hooked!!

The drift event I went to was put together by Drift Tutor and Hawk’n’Poke, in a week! With 15 days from the time they posted it till the first day of drifting. It was a 2 day event with both drifing and a car show, with Pro and Amateur Tutors on Saturday and semi pro/pro open track day on Sunday. I couldnt make it on Saturday but Sunday about 50 drift cars and 40 show cars showed up plus small Semi-Trucks set up with mounting and balancing machines set up inside them, the side and back open up to make a mobile tire shop. Both Achilles and GT Radial (the 2 biggest tire manufacturers here) brought plenty of stock as well.
The GT Radial team also gave me a ride in their BMW and another National driver gave me a ride along in his teams Cressida very fun and much more reasonable to deal with for someone like me. Genève
I made some great connections and a few good friends on Sunday I cant wait for the 26th to do it again.


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