Lately the Northeast feels more like the Artic Circle, currently it’s 16 degrees here in NJ. Two days ago the they were calling for a massive blizzard in which the Jersey Shore was looking at approximately 2 feet or better. Turns out the weather men had it all wrong and the storm wound up slamming further north in the Boston Mass. area. Where some spots actually saw 4 feet or better. I’m happy they were wrong but we still got about 8 inches of snow, and with the air being this cold it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.


Today is one of those days that I’m grateful for having the web especially Vimeo and Youtube, it helps get my mind right by day dreaming of being back on the North Shore of Oahu. Check out this drone footage from WayOverHead filmed and edited by Sebastian Schramm titled “Waimea Bay on Fire.” Arguably, one of the most incredible sections of coastline on Oahu, and a world famous surf spot that holds one of the best swells in the game!

Attatched are a few photos from the short time we spent in Waimea last month they were taken with my iphone so please pardon the quality. We had a great time & all in all I highly recommend getting away from Waikiki to experience the North Shore if you find yourself on the island of Oahu.





We had such a great time that day. I vividly remember thinking about how amazing this place was, how perfect the waves were, and how much I appreciate the family and life that my wife and I have created. One song that played over and over during that vacation was “Waves”. It helps take me back there and provides the warmest thoughts, after all that’s what inspired this post in the first place. With memories like this, winter in NJ can go kick rocks!

Wait, not so fast – last but not least, there’s always a remix…