Earlier this month, we stretched the meaning of island hopping a little bit and hopped from Hawaii over to Japan!  My Instagram (@yaeantho) has been a sneak peak of our travel diaries, but below is Part 2 – Tourists’ Dream…don’t forget to check out my other 2 posts Aloha Japan Part 1 – Offset Kings Japan 2014 and Part 3 (coming soon!). 

WARNING…100+ photos, but but split into 4 chapters…so don’t forget to slow down for some sporadic words and click the link at the bottom for the continued post! 😉

Chapter 2…while Osaka was our regional base camp, we took a short train ride out to its more traditional counterpart Kyoto where our first stop was the Fushimi Inari Shrine.

Bamboo Groves in Arashiyama

Eikando Temple

We went to Kiyomizudera Temple, but didn’t pay admission to go in because a lot of it was under construction.

Higashiyama District


We had dinner in Pontocho, where we had one of our best meals at Yakiniku Hiro.

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