Earlier this month, we stretched the meaning of island hopping a little bit and hopped from Hawaii over to Japan!  My Instagram (@yaeantho) has been a sneak peak of our travel diaries, but below is Part 2 – Tourists’ Dream…don’t forget to check out my other 2 posts Aloha Japan Part 1 – Offset Kings Japan 2014 and Part 3 (coming soon!). 

WARNING…100+ photos, but but split into 4 chapters…so don’t forget to slow down for some sporadic words and click the link at the bottom for the continued post! 😉

Chapter 3…to start the final leg of our 2 week tour of Japan, we parted ways from Osaka with one final Shikansen trip back to Tokyo for our last 5 days of adventure.  Tsukiji’ Fish Market is definitely an early mission; we were too late for the auction, so we just caught some action at the wholesale market.

Our AirBnB host recommended this curry restaurant called Little Shop, which was only open on weekdays from 11 AM to 1 PM…this was the line at 10:45 AM!  No English menu, no problem…we’ll take the special!

We took a short train ride outside of Tokyo to go antiquing in Nishi-Ogikubo.



Imperial Palace…the outer wall is the most you’ll see unless you do a reserved tour

Fujifilm Square in Roppongi

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku


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