A little over three weeks ago, we said farewell to our island paradise to embark on our next adventure in a new world called the Pacific Northwest. While it was our first time ever in this part of the mainland, we’ve been so productive establishing our roots that we were able to do a little exploration in Portland and Seattle…enjoy Part 2 in search of PNW car culture! See Aloha PNW Part 1 – Explore HERE!

One Sunday night in Portland, we made a few right turns and ended up in the middle of what wifey described as the first race scene from The Fast and The Furious…but it was just the weekly Red Door Meet coming out of winter hibernation 😉

PNW-cars (1) PNW-cars (2) PNW-cars (3)

During our weekend in Seattle, we took a break from playing tourist to stop by the PNW Meet February 2015…huge turnout but unfortunately after this meet, they suffered the same fate as Cars and Coffee Irvine 🙁PNW-cars (4) PNW-cars (5) PNW-cars (6) PNW-cars (7) PNW-cars (8)

On our road trip back down to Portland, one of our rest stops was at the Volkswagen Club of Hawaii PNW Chapter Swap Meet in Olympia…almost like we never left! :pPNW-cars (9) PNW-cars (10) PNW-cars (11) PNW-cars (12) PNW-cars (13)

Earlier that weekend, we visited a few shops in the Seattle area…first up was 2002 specialist Midnight Motorsports.PNW-cars (14) PNW-cars (15) PNW-cars (16)

Since you’re on this website and reading this post, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Garage Autohero…super stoked to visit these icons of car culture! PNW-cars (17) PNW-cars (18) PNW-cars (19) PNW-cars (20) PNW-cars (21) PNW-cars (22) PNW-cars (23) PNW-cars (24) PNW-cars (25)

Not only do they build awesome machines, Ray also brews some tasty coffee!PNW-cars (26) PNW-cars (27) PNW-cars (28)

And last but not least…the #DBL_OG on it’s PNW tour 😉PNW-cars (29) PNW-cars (30) PNW-cars (31) PNW-cars (32)

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