22 Oct 2012

Spirit of the Battle

This BBoy exhibition is one of my all time favorite “style” based Battles.  Bboys (Break Boys) Kmel and Remind are going off bringing 2 different energies to the cypher.  Kmel delivers a raw “straight from the Bronx NYC” style while Remind is channeling and incorporating his Native Ancestors thru his dancing. 

04 Oct 2012

16yr old Kaua'i born & raised Artist: Jason Medeiros

Q:  At what age did you start getting into art? A:  I was always into drawing but I started getting seriously interested in art when I was eight years old. After my parents recognized that I had potential, they bought me water color paint sets. I then started painting island

19 Sep 2012


Mighty 4 (M4) Honolulu was a huge success!  The synergy  created by the people who supported made this event!  Paulskeee (Mighty4), Kavet the Catalyst (Lightsleepers), Cros 1 (Armory/Freestyle Sessions), DJ Jami (NOC), Emcee Fredo (Union City, CA), DJ Vinroc (2x DJ world champion) and more blessed the event and created

15 Sep 2012

EAST 50ft Pyroglyphiks piece titled ‘ANCESTORS’

‘Pyroglyphiks,’ a style created by legendary PHASE2,  is not about rockin’ your name or ego. It is a meaningful, selfless & complex way of expression rocked on a massive scale, that encourages the viewer to feel positive vibes & energy flow of the entire piece verses reading the word. This

14 Sep 2012


Mighty 4 Hawaii is going on tomorrow Saturday September 15th at the new Diverse Art Youth Center in Honolulu Hawaii!  This is a fundraiser for the Diverse Art Center and organized by Nikki Kealoha and M4 to bring the youth of Hawaii a place where they can develop artistry and

29 Aug 2012


It’s going to be one crazy event this year. Cros1’s event ‘Freestyle Session’ is now hitting it’s 15th year anniversary. Inivisble Skratch Piklz, SadatX, Groovaloos feat. Steelo, are some of the performers this year. 3vs3 Bboy competition, 2vs2 Topstyles(Allstyles on Top), 3vs3 Popping battle. Cypher King & Queen champs. Dj

03 Aug 2012

1st Annual Pacific Ink & Art Expo 2012 August 3, 4 & 5th

The Hawaiian Islands have been the home to many incredible people. Some of the best surfers, painters, artists, tattooers and musicians have been nurtured and grown in this incredible place in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Growing up here, has been a blessing and it was only when we

30 Jul 2012

Bboy Battles in 2012

Aloha Nui! Here are some supa fly Bboy battles from 2012! Its amazing to see that the art form has grown, advanced and created so many different styles. These videos are sik cause they showcase Bboys from around that globe dropping various styles and flava from USA, Japan & Korea. 

26 Jul 2012

Ken Swifts 4th Annual ‘Ride the Breaks’ 2012

In the middle of the Pacific there is something very special that is about to take place.  Big Island (Kona, Hawaii) is the home to Ken Swift’s (7 Gems) Annual ‘Ride the Breaks’ Hip Hop event.  Event coordinators Yaro Osofly & Reptilian Tank (and others) help create this amazing event!

24 Jul 2012

Style Writing from the Underground

Aloha Nui everyone!  East3 checking in and dropping my first post!  I am a Style Writer from Honolulu, Hawaii and I have a passion for the Hip Hop Arts, Music and Dance which has lead me to learn about the history and the pioneers who truly laid it down. The