07 Nov 2012


Star Wars is Back and in preparation to create a NEW trilogy (episodes 7, 8 & 9)!!!  I was shock and amazed that Lucas Films was finally going to give the people what they have been waiting for.  But hold on, this dream come true is a bitter sweet moment

05 Nov 2012

Aloha Stay Fresh Crew

Aloha Crew! Dropped this brush pen handstyle today lemme. Know what yal think! Mahalo Nui.

02 Nov 2012

Freehand drawing: Commit to the Line

As an artist I feel like the best way to create is to “commit to the line”.  When drawing with a pen (no initial pencil sketch) you have to use a lot more concentration and control which develops your drawing style and technique.  Pen renderings don’t allow you to make

01 Nov 2012

The future of our culture

These youths are the future of Breaking.  Its amazing how this generation picks up the style, power and soul of the dance and channels the energy with intensity and natural rhythm.  I have never seen an upcoming era of Bboys & Bgirls (since the early 80’s) that were gifted and

29 Oct 2012

Hurricane Sandy a Real Threat!

Please pray for the Northeast coast line!  I am from the Hawaiian Islands and I know how dangerous hurricanes can be however, Hurricane Sandy is no normal hurricane, its a Super Storm with winds up to 90mph per hour and a fusion of 2 storms colliding.  I have many loved

26 Oct 2012


Vans Triple Crown of Surfing (VTCS) is the largest and most prestigious Surfing event held annually on the North Shore of Oahu Hawai’i.  VTCS celebrates the 30th anniversary with $1Million in prize money and will draw competitors and fans from all across the globe! This year, there will be a

22 Oct 2012

Spirit of the Battle

This BBoy exhibition is one of my all time favorite “style” based Battles.  Bboys (Break Boys) Kmel and Remind are going off bringing 2 different energies to the cypher.  Kmel delivers a raw “straight from the Bronx NYC” style while Remind is channeling and incorporating his Native Ancestors thru his dancing. 

04 Oct 2012

16yr old Kaua'i born & raised Artist: Jason Medeiros

Q:  At what age did you start getting into art? A:  I was always into drawing but I started getting seriously interested in art when I was eight years old. After my parents recognized that I had potential, they bought me water color paint sets. I then started painting island