03 Apr 2012

Our weekend with Kansas Basketball @ the Big 12 Tournament

Every year I travel to go see the Kansas Jayhawks play in the National Tournament.  They usually are a sure thing to do well during March Madness.  However, this year I decided to go to the Big 12 Tournament to see a KU/Mizzou final as I was certain that KU

25 Feb 2012

Terrywood cause he could – Terry Richardson exhibit

If you live in my neighborhood, then you definitely know it’s Oscar week.  I live an arms length from the Kodak theater where the award show is held and red carpet is held.  Now this red carpet might look and smell like the Oscars in Hollywood. Because there is paparazzi

22 Jan 2012

None but Ourselves Can Free our Minds

Yes, that is me with a camelback on my shoulders, hiking poles on my pack, and out of breath.  Right before Christmas, I decided to go off grid and detox my mind, body, and spirit.  Why, because I remembered the Fatlace mantra “None but ourselves can free our minds”  and

21 Dec 2011

Sneak Peak into Mr. Brainwash Art Show 2011, meeting with Thierry

Today I had one of those “at the right place at the right time moments”.  I was driving down Labrea to see how long the line was for the awaited MBW show.   The show officially opens on Christmas day, but 300 people will be allowed on the 22nd at 7

Melissa Meister CTV1
07 Dec 2011

Directing my first music video part l

I haven’t even begun to write and I am totally emo over this blog post.  The Christy Thompson video is finally ready!   One Saturday in August it was finally shoot day.  I have been directing for almost 2 years now – but this was different.  This was real….  I showed

29 Nov 2011


  I have never been Karl Lagerfield’s muse, but I have been Richard Starks muse, and in my world that may be more of a privileged.  Now, Karl is Richard’s (male) muse also, but I haven’t had a doll made after me yet.  Are you with me? Karl lives in

21 Nov 2011

Inside Mr. Brainwash Lab

Last week I heard Drake was performing at a secret location.  His agent told me he was to perform at midnight in an abandoned building on Labrea.  Right away I knew that it had to be the mysterious MBW Lab. This secret fortess was brightly lit and guarded by storm

Rob Heppler & Chanel deck
01 Nov 2011


I go to Church at 7277 Santa Monica Blvd.  You might miss it if you don’t look for the heavy wooden doors. Not your typical crucifix. A chic group of Church goers.  These devout members give a lot of their money to this congregation. Church is absolutely breathtaking inside.  I

17 Oct 2011

The Tide is High and…..

  I received a super chic invite from Angeline Uri to attend ANOTHER live installation at the Gramercy Park Hotel Penthouse – one of the most swanky spots in NYC.  Displayed, just like a Vanity Fair cover,  were several, very professional, models  perfectly placed while wearing the debut collection from

28 Sep 2011

Who are Alice and Oliva?

Who are  Alice and Olivia?  Two girlfriends throwing ME a fabulous party to celebrate the anniversary of MY original invention – “the ice blended”?  NO – but  true story.  This million dollar concoction was my first invention and second claim to fame. ME and two other co workers (Lars and