14 Nov 2010

Pajama Baby Party – Parental Advisory Explicit Content

Have you ever wondered what happens at a baby shower?  Well the days of playing baby games and high teas are over (at least in LA).  Today, baby showers can not only be co-ed, but they are full glamourous events.  Who made the baby diaper cake?  Will these be saved

02 Nov 2010


Vote today!  Now it is so easy and accessible for all of us to vote – there is no reason why you can’t.  You can even vote CURBSIDE – handicap or not.  Soon there will be drive through dispensaries. I vote at the local Senior assisted living in the neighborhood. 

30 Oct 2010


I am not executing Rob (yet).  This is a fantastic Halloween decoration set up I saw on my way to an opening at Blythe projects. Funny enough, as a costume designer, you would think I may like Halloween, however, I really hate it.  I don’t mind helping you dress –

05 Oct 2010

Warner Bros. Costume House

X12Aq21`Warner Brothers Costume house is where I went to pull hats for the Sprouse Brothers “Got Milk” ad I recently styled.  It is quite an experience to pull on to the famous studio lot and browse through the nostalgic costume house.  Designers and Costumers are constantly coming in and out

29 Sep 2010

NYC fashion peek

This year, NY Fashion week was found it’s new permanent home at Lincoln center.  For me it was a sad move as I loved the ambiance at Bryant Park and the option for Koi sushi across the way.  I am not much for uptown unless it is a visit to

22 Sep 2010

My Fashion Night Out

Fashion Night Out is an annual event in NYC to celebrate NY Fashion Week.  This year, LA joined the band wagon and celebrated simultaneously with the Big Apple.  I happened to be at the Cameo Stars apartment in NYC which is basically the heart of the Meat Packing District.  Tired

Jay Z 6
17 Sep 2010

Front Row with Jay-Z

This was a special night ahead and I could say that my BFF Jilly decided to go in style, but the truth is, this is how she always rolls.  It was the Jay Z, Eminem concert at Yankee Stadium.  It was raining unexpectedly, but we were going regardless.  Jill and

Melissa Meister Serena
10 Sep 2010

A night with Serena

Well, this post is about a night with my long term, special friend, Serena Williams. For some reason I have had technical difficulties delivering this amazing story. Anyhow, it was about a week ago when Serena called me in NY to meet her at STK in the meat pack. Only

23 Aug 2010

Sprouse Brothers Pokemon Commercial

Hello!  Melissa Meister here with my first Fatlace Blog.  I am excited to finally be able to share all of my awesome life experiences, as I have had many and plan on many more.   My life is in the entertainment world.  A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to