02 Jan 2011

Krazy for KU

One of my all time greatest loves is Kansas Basketball.  How I got to love this team so much is something I can’t disclose,unless you belong to a secret club.   I am in SF solely to see the Kansas Jayhawks play the CA Golden Bears.  Now, I have designed

24 Dec 2010

Happy Holi – wood

Somewhere hidden deep in he Hollywood hills lies an old house filled with wondrous treasures of Christmas – gathered from exotic places all over the world. In this home, for Christmas, there are 50 different themed Christmas trees and little villages strategically placed throughout every nook. Starting in September, two

20 Dec 2010

Tattoo’s – NO MORE

I am just touching down from a return flight from JFK and with out stopping at M cafe,  I am off to Dr. Hobbs.  Definitely one of my favorite Dr’s, referred to me through the Williams Sisters.  I passed on a weekend in  NY so I would not miss this

13 Dec 2010

Fashion for furry friends

I received a sample sale invitation, like I do everyday, but this one was from a designer I have some history with.  I decided to pay attention and actually take note of the event.  I was going to be in Malibu that a.m. and thought I would stop by on

28 Nov 2010

Emong Mr. Gnome

Is this salvation?  The creativity of and sounds of Mr. Gnome is some sort of deliverance.  The duo delivers a solid sound for a two man band.  NOW on tour, Mr. Gnome performed at the Hollywood featured Silverlake Lounge. So late on a Wednesday night, my sister Amy , Rob, and

14 Nov 2010

Pajama Baby Party – Parental Advisory Explicit Content

Have you ever wondered what happens at a baby shower?  Well the days of playing baby games and high teas are over (at least in LA).  Today, baby showers can not only be co-ed, but they are full glamourous events.  Who made the baby diaper cake?  Will these be saved

02 Nov 2010


Vote today!  Now it is so easy and accessible for all of us to vote – there is no reason why you can’t.  You can even vote CURBSIDE – handicap or not.  Soon there will be drive through dispensaries. I vote at the local Senior assisted living in the neighborhood. 

30 Oct 2010


I am not executing Rob (yet).  This is a fantastic Halloween decoration set up I saw on my way to an opening at Blythe projects. Funny enough, as a costume designer, you would think I may like Halloween, however, I really hate it.  I don’t mind helping you dress –