Rob Heppler & Chanel deck
01 Nov 2011


I go to Church at 7277 Santa Monica Blvd.  You might miss it if you don’t look for the heavy wooden doors. Not your typical crucifix. A chic group of Church goers.  These devout members give a lot of their money to this congregation. Church is absolutely breathtaking inside.  I

17 Oct 2011

The Tide is High and…..

  I received a super chic invite from Angeline Uri to attend ANOTHER live installation at the Gramercy Park Hotel Penthouse – one of the most swanky spots in NYC.  Displayed, just like a Vanity Fair cover,  were several, very professional, models  perfectly placed while wearing the debut collection from

28 Sep 2011

Who are Alice and Oliva?

Who are  Alice and Olivia?  Two girlfriends throwing ME a fabulous party to celebrate the anniversary of MY original invention – “the ice blended”?  NO – but  true story.  This million dollar concoction was my first invention and second claim to fame. ME and two other co workers (Lars and

06 Sep 2011

How I began to make a music video

Welcome to studio M…  Lately I have been submerged in the making of my first music video.  I have had several years of entertainment experience, but this “project” is my first full venture of creating the concept, producing, and directing a music video.  With that being said, I had to

08 Aug 2011

Crispy Pig 2011

In a place not too far away that looks and feels like another time zone, is a community that hosts an annual Pig Roast.   I attended this year (2011) – and quite surprisingly it was like nothing I have experienced before. At this place –  there are villa’s for rats…

20 Jul 2011

Cam Newton II

Now, 24 hours later, it is the day of the ESPY’s.  I am back at the W hotel and we will see if the custom suit fits Cam. Luckily Kaitlin has delivered the goods and is going to stick around in case there are any issues.  There usually are! Not

17 Jul 2011

Cam – as in Fig – Netwon (part 1)

I haven’t been really been styling lately.  I have been directing, but I received a call from Carlos Flemming at IMG asking to to style Cam Newton.  I had no idea who Cam was, but I asked my “boss” at Cameo Stars and he told me he was the hottest

30 Jan 2011

U wash my doggie

Here in Hollywood dog life is pretty amazing.  Especially if your owner likes dogs more than people – you can have an amazing life!  Well, I qualify as one of those dog owners that is crazy in love with their babies – or I mean doggies!!   At Lake Hollywood