20 Jun 2012

Illest SF: Who’s In store?

Rutledge Wood from Top Gear stopped by the our SF location to say hi and pick up some new Illest gear. Thanks for stopping by and showing love.

23 May 2012

BombSquad x Illest x YoYoFactory YoYo

Here are photos of the Bombsquad x Illest x YoYoFactory YoYos that are set to release this Friday at Illest SF. The black and pink will be limited to 10 and will come in a custom handmade wooden box. Along with these YoYos we will be selling $25 grab bags

21 May 2012

BombSquad x Illest Release Party This Friday May 25th

This friday May 25th we will be hosting a BombSquad x Illest Release party at Illest San Francisco 1630 post street. What is BombSquad? BombSquad is a local SF based yoyo company started by Paul Han. We will have lots of free give aways, free raffles, grab bags that are

19 May 2012

Hella Flush Kansai pt. 1

Mark put together Hella Flush Kansai and brought me, Max, and Yu. Its been mad hectic out here but fun! Im trying to play catch up on the blog, and being as busy as we are its hard to keep up. Im running a day behind so here are photos

28 Apr 2012

Red Bull’s Ride + Style Contest

Hit up Red Bull’s Ride + Style contest this afternoon and it was just as crazy as last years. It was really nice seeing a lot of old friends i used to ride with around the city. Here are a few snaps i got to take today. Shout out to

17 Jan 2012

Japan: Day 7

Today we headed over to RWB to visit Nakai. I must say this place is AMAZING. Nakai and i built a strong eating relationship when he stayed with us durring the Pandora 1 build and his place is packed full of snacks and drinks. This place is hands down the

17 Jan 2012

Japan: Day 6

Today was a relaxing day and filled with tons of shopping. I cant wait to get back to the states and post up what we all bought in Japan. I am not ready to leave this place AT ALL. Japan i love you!

15 Jan 2012

Japan: Day 5

Today was the last day of Tokyo Auto Salon. Today we mainly kicked back around the booth and just really enjoyed it. As much as mark hates giving autographs he can never turn them down. Its not because he doesn’t like giving them but he hates the attention. After the

14 Jan 2012

Japan: Day 4

Today i wasnt in the mood to shoot at TAS, i just wanted to enjoy it! After TAS we headed out and grabbed dinner with the crew and then went to the famous Daikoku meet location! It was unreal being there. So many awesome cars and motorcycles.

14 Jan 2012

Japan: Day 3

Today was the first day at TAS so i got to shoot around and enjoy it without the CRAZY crowd. After TAS we headed out for Korean bbq then called it a night.