Every year, Monterey plays host to the best cars in the world. Enthusiast gather, display, auction, and trade cars throughout the week. These are your everyday classics to priceless cars like the ones I took photos of below. If there was a Superbowl of car shows, this is it.

This particular event was called Concours on the Avenue. A lead up to the event of all events in Monterey, the Concour D’elegance which happens this Sunday. Thats where all the priceless cars show up and are displayed. I’ll have more photos of the upcoming events but enjoy these from the Avenue.

There were quite a few 356’s on the ave. I didnt take count but I did take some notes.

I’m not even sure what this was but it was an early model.

Loads of folks pouring in to Carmel for carweek. What a great time to be in Monterey.

Dream car. Might not handle like a new one but theres so much more to it.

This BMW Race car.

The livery of the past is so iconic.

IROC 911.

There were tons of 911 race cars. Some of them started their engines and they sounded so good. So much history to learn in one day.

Center fuel tank was very common in race cars of the past.

So much details go into these race cars. Whats great is that most of these  guys track them.

This engine sounded so good.

The owner of this Toyota 2000GT was mentioning he bought the car in 1974 for 7000. His dad was pissed cause he spent money on a Japanese sports car. I guess he was wrong cause this car goes anywhere from 250k (unrestored) to 1 million dollars today. Cool story!

Magnus Walker built this car and it was sold last year to a lucky owner.

Charlie Chaplin Loves

Oh you know, just a gullwing…

Andrew had his 1957 speedster shipped from NYC to cruise around in Carmel. Such a great sounding and detailed car. Discs brakes help this stop when you need it.

Notice the Valentine integrated into the dash. Cool little details. Theres also a sub in the back for when you need to listen to Pandora or Spotify.

TWO!!!! IROC 911’s.

Skylar loved how many lights this one had. She counted 8.

There was a row of Fords. Actually a row of all different brands but I was kinda focused on all things Porsche this day.

356 Row was nice to see.

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