As a kid, my father was always a Porsche guy. The first car I can remember that put a smile on my face was his 88′ 911. He used the 911 as bribery to make me go to places I was not quite fond of. Some parents would bribe their kids with ice cream, my dad bribed me with rides in his Porsche. Back then, I always loved my dads Porsche but I looked at it as a long shot of ever owning one. I really thought that 911 was going to be handed down to me when I got my license. Well, our family was growing and my parents now needed a family car, the Porsche was sold. The only car I ever knew and loved was gone. One morning as I was getting dropped off at school, I noticed my friend from class getting dropped off in a 69′ Camaro SS. That’s the day my obsession began. My dad noticed and bought me everything Camaro related, from Hot Wheels to bedsheets. To this day, even though I love my imports, I will always have a weak spot for American muscle. When I found out my buddy Mal traded his beloved Datsun 510, I was devastated. But then I found out he came away with this beautiful 69′ Camaro, all was well again.

So what’s a 1969 Camaro that isn’t super slammed (yet) doing on Fatlace? Easy, its AWESOME! To me, this is the perfect stance for this car. It is lowered on Hotchkis lowering front and rear springs. It meets the asphalt sitting on a custom set of VN427 Shelby Cobra wheels wrapped in Michelins.

What really makes this Camaro stand out from the rest is the amount of thought that went into the build. There are so many little details and fabrication that went into it. For instance..

The hand fabricated rear lip spoiler by Mean Streets Performance and custom carbon fiber canards off a R34 Skyline.

I really love these Shelby mirrors, they have a retro yet modern look.

The interior was completely done over with leather, suede, and vinyl with steel grommets. The NRG steering boss, quick release, and Woodgrain steering wheel fits this car perfectly. The Crow lap belts keep you strapped in while smashing down the freeway.

Minor details like the Ringbrothers headlight surrounds really makes the front end pop. But what really amazes me is not whats on the exterior, but whats under the hood…

Equipped with a brand new 350 crate motor with so many modifications to even list on this blog post, Mal added his own personal touch to this build. Anyone can go trace down the most expensive or rare part for their car and slap it on, but it takes a different kind of creative mind to come up with some of the things i’ve seen on this car. He used a BMW engine cover and hand fabricated to fit including an integrated oil catch can.

Custom hand fabricated air cleaner by BH Custom Designs complete with added vintage Porsche air horns.

Honda heads, do those spark plug covers look familiar? Custom fabricated from a Honda B series motor.

Hand fabricated firewall panel

It’s crazy how perfect the coolant tank from a 70′ Nova can fit so perfectly.

This was one of those photoshoots where I had a grin on my face the entire time. We met up at the paddock a couple of hours before the shoot to just hang out and catch up. It was my first time seeing the car in person and I was literally lost for words, I lost count of the number of F bombs I dropped. Even after shooting the car, I found myself looking at it and still smiling. It brings me back, back to the car that started my love for automobiles.

Mal, when you’re ready to sell it, you know who to call…