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MIVW 2010

How do you get people from Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, United kingdom and more together on one day? You can trust the guys of MIVW, this year they did it again. With over more then 1000 cars of VAG’s on the event it was a huge success. Here some pics of the event.

The Illest A3

Ill Photography x Illinois. I spotted a photo of this A3 in the snow about a year ago. Not much has changed but its still one of the sweetest A3s around. Bagged, yes. Photos from AJ of Risky Devils.

Walker’s GS

Not everyday do you meet people with a passion for cars at such a young age. Walker Wilkerson looks like your everyday kid from the Northwest but when you look at his cars, you’ll know right away he’s got a different agenda. In the garage… a GS, a purple S13 drift car, and just recently…


There something about older cars that appeals to me. This mango caught my attention at the One/One Showcase at Formula D last weekend up in Seattle. It was properly sitting right as well as the overall look of the car. Great job.

the Thickness of the Steering Wheel

Automotive balance is relative to a number of things. Engine size, tire size, weight and in the case of this little 1953 Porsche coupe, the thickness of the steering wheel. I always say that you can tell how fast to drive a Porsche by the thickness of the steering wheel, Its a funny thing, but…

White Scooby..

A few weeks a go i did a duo shoot with a Subaru Impreza and a Ford Focus Rs for a dutch magazine. The Impreza is from mathijn and the Focus is from his dad.. a nice family if you ask me! With a few of mods on the engine the power is on the…

29th Outlaw Run

Last Saturday i went to the 29th Outlaw Run in Belgium. The guys from Outlaw Run are crazy in love with American Cars. Cars from over The Netherlands, Germany and of course Belgium went to Houthalen this weekend to be there.. Here some pics of it! Stunning Hot Rod from Germany !