This past weekend we celebrated Hunters 4th Birthday. We transformed the Fatlace Paddock into a one of those places parents rent to have their kids birthday. With the newly enameled flooring, the paddock looked extremely good with the kiddie tables, rc race track where the photo booth area was, and the back had its own crazy cart race track and jumpy.

Before the guests arrived.

Nice little jumpy in the back.

Hunter testing out the track with his friend.

Getting real serious. This guy was passing kids up by any means necessary.

Packed house!!

From the balcony of where the new RC track is going to be.

Cindy went to town on the details.

Nuts & Bolts…

Hunters awesome AE86 with TE37V’s.

With his mom and sister Sky.

Starting up the shave ice bus!

Ben helped me out pouring the syrup.

Brooklyn & Audrey with initial D game in the background

Hunter & Mommy.

The leftover kids after 6 hours of fun. Thanks to everyone who made his birthday something super special. He said next year he’ll do it again at the paddock. 🙂

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