Every November, car enthusiasts from all over the Philippines fly in to the country’s capital for the highly anticipated Manila Auto Salon. This is the perfect time to showcase the local builds and to promote their respective shops. Here are some of the photos from this year’s show.

Coy’s Supercharged Rocket Bunny 86 is one the most popular builds in our country today.

You can never go wrong with these Enkei RS05RR’s, concave wheels at its finest.


The design of the new Lexus IS is simply amazing.

A classic alteration of the Fairlady Z, conservatively dropped, modified engine and Te-37’s.

One of my favorites from the show, this super clean FD Rx-7.

Possibly the craziest Scion (Toyota BB) in our country today, chopped, caged and fitted with a K20 engine.


The show also featured SUV’s in different types of modification’s.

Defender’s never fail to amaze me, definitely one of the most iconic SUV’s of all time.


I would love a chance to acquire one of these “drop-side” Land Cruiser 70’s.


The country’s most powerful Ford GT was displayed by Autoplus. Check out those Re30’s and massive tires.


Beautiful pristine condition 911 Targa.

Rauh Welt Begriff Manila:

Car Porn Racing showcased the country’s first four RWB’s, Victoria, Akira, General and Ellise.

Akira now sports a matte-metallic vinyl, wrapped by the owner himself.

Nakai-san flew in 3 days before the show’s ingress to build the latest of the four car’s “Ellise”, a 993 Targa in its OEM shade, the rare “Riviera Blue”.

Seeing one of my childhood favorite OEM colors on a RWB left me speechless.

RWB General broke records this year by winning “Best of Show” in tuner and in custom categories.

RWB Victoria was the crowd’s favorite. Check out its build thread here: http://fatlace.com/2013/06/the-birth-of-rauh-welt-manila/


But the build thread never stopped as it surprised everyone with its new heart..

Car Porn Racing’s signature v8 treatment was applied on the 993 by fitting in a LS1 engine.

I will end this post with a car that deserves international recognition, the 1000whp r34 GTR by Autoplus.

Yes it is street legal and  left-hand drive. Left-hand drive? Find out soon how it was built as I am currently working on a shoot for this epic build.

Til next time.

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