When I am on the bus going to work, I kind of always put on a slight retard gaze. You know, where you kind of portentously stare in one direction but in reality, you are looking in another direction. It’s kind of a hidden perverted skill where you are keeping your eye on a (say) pair of boobs without blatantly eye humping.

So who is this dude “HYPE”? He is literally everywhere in SF right now. I glance here and there and notice he’s in Chinatown, Western Edition, Haight, North Beach, TL and even downtown. He’s a modern day CAP but with even less flare. Though his style lacks, I respect the hustle cause there are literally no bombers anymore…and especially in major bustling cities. “I am not a graffiti artists. I am a graffiti bomber”CAP via Style Wars
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_ujzdKy4D4&w=775&h=515]
Speaking of SF artists, I went to go check out MARS-1‘s art show at Fecal Face on Clement St. I first heard of MARS when he did an ad with DJ Q-Bert with Upperplayground and even got to see it at Q-Berts house on one if his Tuesday night parties. This is his first show since 2005 and boy was it a busy one.

Let’s not bullshit ourselves. No one really cares about this Pacquiao vs Marquez fight. The whole thing was horse shit from the get go, which ultimately held true since this was one of the worst fights I have ever seen. Bring on what people have been wanting to see for the longest time. Pacquiao vs Mayweather. Now!

And the end of my weekend was spent in rated-G fashion at Jaenna’s 1st birthday party in San Bruno. A part of me wishes I was still that age but I really hated how shit stuck to my balls when it hit the fan. To be young…oh yes, to be young.

Now back to the grind. Just me, the computer, Howard Stern radio show and these god damn vector pieces. Time for another long night. Good Night.