Everyone may agree that in today’s modern times, building a car can be easy with the right parts with the use of digital platforms. But here’s my question, how does your car establish its own persona? At the end of the day, the best feeling is creating your own masterpiece that suits every inch of your personality.

For the past 3 years, travelling to Japan has been my eye opener. These trips completely resets my thoughts in and outside the car culture. At the end of these trips, the whole Fatlace Crew agrees that Japan is the number one inspiration for everything.

I am no car expert, but in my book, what differs a good build from a great build is its individual personality. So, how does a car develop its own personal soul?

Enjoy part 1 of this double feature.


Two Nissans from the 80’s, that does not share the same spotlight with the same cars from the era. However, these two builds might change your perspective on these two underrated platforms. Meet Mie Ueda, owner of this F31 Leopard, and Toshihiro Nagano, owner of the Z31 300zx.


Nagano-San’s Z31 embodies sophisticated Kyusha styling (please let me know if there is a more appropriate term). The car hits the right spots with its subtle-yet-important details. The car receives additional styling updates from its Yoshida Seisakusyo body panels.


Ueda-San’s F31 can be classified as 80’s VIP. A rare choice for enthusiasts, this particular Leopard is one of the most-well maintained classics I’ve ever seen. Elegance is the perfect word to describe the overall build.


Additional modifications for the Z31 includes LED taillights and a modified MK III Supra rear wing (!).


The Leopard’s overall classic VIP look contrasts the Z’s retro-racer vibe.


The F31’s engine is replaced with an RB25DE with independent throttle bodies, which receives help from an HKS V-Pro CPU. The engine conversion is perfectly executed, making it look straight out of the factory. Upon further examination, not a single piece of dirt/flaw can be seen inside the engine bay.


Wheels are 15  x 8 / 15 x 9 SSR XR4 Longchamps. Just the right amount of wheel fitment on a classic Nissan grand-tourer.


The Z31 is finished of with 15 x 8 -14/15 x 9.5 -33 SSR Longchamp 5H. The retro Datsun decals on the side accentuate the car’s discreet “Kyusha racer” vibe.


Interior shows no age as all panels are intact. Adding that dashboard mat is a good touch, we love to see these more in period correct builds.


Given that a classic car receives the  extra edge for its overall character, these two builds exhibit individual taste. Just the right amount of parts to perfectly execute two of Nissan’s underrated gems.

How does a build receive its individual personality? Authenticity is established by expressing your inner self.  Two cars, same brand, equivalent era, identical executions – yet still very different.

Here are additional photos of the Z31 and F31.


Nissan Leopard (F31)
Owner: Mie Ueda
Engine: RB25DE, Fujitsubo Exhaust Manifold. GTR 6 throttle, HKS V-Pro
Wheels: SSR XR4 Longchamp Wheels 15 x 8 (f) 15 x 9(r)

Nissan 300ZX (Z31)
Owner: Toshihiro Nagano
Body: Custom Yoshida Seisakusyo bodykit, Custom MK III Supra Rear Wing, Custom LED tail lights
Wheels:SSR Longchamp 5H 15 x 8 -14/15 x 9.5 -33


Here’s a quick preview of part 2 of this post, a tastefully-built 240Z.

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