What happens when you decide to adult and step away from the car game? You come back with a badass rig like this one! Peeps, meet the homie Xander, co-founder of Wolf Reign Motors, one of the many geniuses behind Super D, and owner of this super cool Nissan Laurel.


Xander is an example of the few young individuals that managed to turn his love and passion into a successful business. What originally started as a drift team of friends in the late 2000’s turned into a used car dealer. This business naturally evolved into being a Japanese specialty vehicle importer serving JDM enthusiasts of sports cars and off-road vehicles all around the US. If you want a Nissan Skyline R32 imported and legalized to drive in California, he’s the man to talk to.


Enough chatter, here’s a bunch of cool pics I took of the imported, ex-Japanese car show Laurel.



XL8 (1)

XL2 XL10