Nike continues to make workouts fun, while monitoring your results with the release of Nike+ Training. With my Nike Fuel Band on and camera by my side I returned to the Montalban to experience what Nike+ Training is all about.

Released today, June 29, 2012, the Nike+ Training shoes, Lunar Hyperworkout+ for Women and the Lunar TR 1+ for men. After suiting up in the latest Nike Dry Fit gear and being introduced to the new technology, it was time to test it out for ourselves in a little friendly competition. Challenge Accepted. #GameOnWorld.

Joining the white team we were matched up against three other teams that had the same goal to beat the other teams with the winning team to receive a pair of the new Nike+ Training shoes! The bar was set, players began to stretch and the competitive nature took over. After putting on a pair of new Nike+ Training equipped kicks with a Nike+ Pressure Sensor built into each shoe that collects information about the user’s movement and then wirelessly transmits data to their phone, each player was asked to pair up against an opposing player and set side-by-side for a series of short consecutive workouts.

The first challenge was the vertical jump. Nike+ Training measures the height of your body in the air before landing. The higher you jump, the higher your points. This comes in handy on the court and can add extra bragging rights for who can be more like Mike.

Immediately after the first challenge would be the jump rope contest. With a set time each player would need to score more points than the other. Nike+ Training measures your activity and awards points accordingly – 6 points for a higher jump, 4 for a medium jump and 2 for a short jump over the rope. Strategies were in place and after watching a few people ahead of me it was determined to get maximum points you would need to do quick, consistent and higher jumps vs the traditional “boxing” fast jumps. I was able to score 5th overall in this challenge…Crossfit Downey would be so proud.

The final challenge would then be Foot Fires, similar to soccer or football drills, where you run in place keeping your feet low to the ground and moving very quickly, with the end goal to score a set number of points the quickest. Nike+ Training is able to measure your intensity and speed. The quicker and harder you move your feet the more points you earn. The first person to reach the set point allotment would win.

Afterwards we were invited to the rooftop to test out the new Lunar TR 1+ for basketball. This technology takes the game to another level. Imagine being able to see your vertical for each jump shot, lay-up or dunk or see how quickly you move and react on a cross-over dribble…amazing.

Overall, the Nike+ Training system is fun and creates great workouts fused with competition and measurable results. Nike+ Training provides various workouts via a free Nike+ Training app on your phone which is demonstrated on-screen to provide detailed guidance and motivation. You can set daily goals as well as learn from the pros with video training along with take on the pro athlete drill pack. Pro Athletes such as Manny Pacquiao, Lebron James, and Hope Solo have developed workouts to do and you can measure your results against theirs. Measures your game. Raises your game.

Visit Nike+ Training for more info.

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