Some of the types of vehicles I look forward to during Offset Kings season were vans and VIP-styled vehicles. Best known for originating in Japan,  Bippu and “vanning“, are two very popular styling techniques that requires lots of research and unique taste. On to the photos.


Dajiban“, or Dodge vans are techniques of modifying large American vans in Japan. Several of these are seen during exclusive track days. Imagine driving one in the small streets of Japan!


The Toyota Hiace Club of Japan had a meet during Offset Kings Okayama. Used as a family transporter, customizing these vans have reached its worldwide peak.


Amend Kustom Works brought in their Hiace Commuter, which they call the “Lowace”.


Wheel choice are Work Meister SP1s.


One of my favorites during the meet, this one was on air suspension. Check out that front-mount intercooler peekin’!


Work Wheels XT7s do look good on these. Wish I can show you photos of the custom interior.



On to the “Bippu” styled cars, first let’s check out this Infiniti G37. Debuting late 2013 in Japan, Nissan’s luxury oriented division is relatively young in the country.


My favorite detail on the car is how the rear fenders are widened/pulled to flush out the Work Equips.


GS430 rolling in. Here are more roll-in photos: Offset Kings Okayama at Sunrise


VIP styling in Japan can be synonymous with Toyota Crowns. These are known to be one of the first VIP platforms during the late 80’s/early 90’s. This static S180/12th generation model on Work VSXXs won 3rd Place – VIP category.




Perfectly executed Q45. Wish I took more photos of these. This particular car won 2nd Place – VIP category.


Check out that fitment on coilovers. One of my dreams is to build a full VIP vehicle, given a chance, my fitment approach on these types of vehicles will be very well thought off, as Bippu styling is very diverse.


Diverse, yes – diverse. VIP styling is very subjective and difficult to describe by “text book rules”, there are countless of styling techniques in its deep culture. Gone are the days that these vehicles should be painted black/white with chrome wheels. This Y34 was this year’s choice for the top award for the VIP category.


Lately, styling a Bippu vehicles has grown together with bodywork, from fender work to its chopped trunk –  the amount of work put into this car made it one of the crowd favorites during the show.


For me, this is one of the VIP styling techniques that is close to my heart, big chassis on sporty wheels. Owned by Motoyuki Fukui, this Gs430 of Prosper Japan sits on 326 Power Coilovers and is flushed out using Cusco rear toe control arms. With the help of a legit fake id online gatherings and Telegram bunches where individuals purchase and sell accounts enrolled to others count huge number of individuals and flourish everywhere. Records on essentially any trade, from Huobi to Coinbase Pro, administrations from Paxful to BlockFi and applications like CashApp, Wirex and Revolut the contributions are plentiful.




Taken during the roll-out, here’s my favorite photo for this post.  Be right back soon with more.

Hope you enjoyed.

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