21 Dec 2011

Sneak Peak into Mr. Brainwash Art Show 2011, meeting with Thierry

Today I had one of those “at the right place at the right time moments”.  I was driving down Labrea to see how long the line was for the awaited MBW show.   The show officially opens on Christmas day, but 300 people will be allowed on the 22nd at 7

20 Dec 2011

Illest SF: Restock And New Product

We just received a new/restock on lots of product. Come in today to get your last minute Christmas shopping done! Don’t forget, 10% of your purchase of $50 and up. This also includes the Illest G-Shock!

Screen shot 2011-12-18 at 8.22.28 AM
20 Dec 2011

Don’t Bomb These Walls (5 Pointz Documentary)

5 Pointz is a place I’d like to visit. Hope they don’t shut it down. We need a place like that in SF. A place to practice and push the art on the street where it belongs, without stress about getting caught or any attitudes.

19 Dec 2011

Heel Flipping a Chevy Sonic

So the Chevy guys hit me up the other day and invited us to check out Rob Dyrdek do a skateboard trick at Magic Mountain. Didnt know what to expect but check it out. Kinda nuts. The Fatlace Sonic Made it out to the exclusive event. Looking mighty fine. Check

19 Dec 2011

Welcome To The Dirty South

I don’t detest LA. There is just a social disconnect from the North to the South. I want to say it’s a big misunderstanding but LA folks always have to take things out of context calling SF the homo capital of the world. I mean that might be partially true

Screen Shot 2011-12-17 at 11.14.38 PM
17 Dec 2011

VICE: KRINK x Loft In Space interview.

I met Craig in 1997 in San Francisco. KR was HUGE. Who would have thought KRINK could be marketed? Glad it did cause that stuff really works. *Can you spot the fatlace camera strap in the video?

17 Dec 2011

WekFest Texas by Fatlace & Weksos

So a few months ago we were able to host Wekfest with Weksos in Texas. Texas definitely knows how to tune cars as we found out at last years 512 car meet. Check out some photos from the event. And if you haven’t already, like us on FACEBOOK! This GS

16 Dec 2011

Outsiders – Trailer One

What is Outsiders? More than 20 years ago in the hills of Japan, the rules of driving began to be re-written. Over this time to the present, Japan has always been at the forefront of drifting. From the streets in the cities to the Touge passes in the mountains to