So we found something out quite interesting recently about a couple of resellers on eBay and wanted to let you guys in on the scam. It’s not only for you that buy on eBay cause we’ve sold out of a product but also for other brands out there that constantly battle people bootlegging products and reselling for top dollar. There are some people out there that will stoop low enough to make profits off peoples designs by producing similar, if not exact, and reselling them on the ever so popular eBay.

It happened to us and how we found out was thru our manufacturer who produces our goods. A customer of ours who resells legit products bought from our store decided he wasnt getting enough money selling our goods 10x the retail value on his eBay store that he decided to contact our manufacturer to re-produce a particular product so he can keep his store stocked since we put a limit on what people can buy to be fair to everyone. Wack, yes indeed, and I’m sure this happens alot to brands that own trademarks and copyrights. Is it hard to stop, yes but its not beatable. We run short runs on purpose and because of the lifestyle we grew up in with limited this / that, the product needs to stand out and be custom enough so bootleggers will not be able to copy without making molds etc.

For those that don’t already know, register for our mailing address so you can get a heads up on when things drop. It’s the best way to get our stuff and it assures real and authentic goods. Stay away from any product on eBay from Thailand and any and all fake stickers and tees on ebay. We can assure you, if they’re not printed, they’re not real.


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