Can you believe that I started this blog in 1999. Crazy to think its been that long. I decided the other night to redesign the site and bring back storytelling. The days of fast media is taking over our lives, nobody reads anymore, nobody takes the time to talk when we’re in front of each other eating dinner. Well, here’s my answer to that. I’m going to be hitting up friends from around the globe and see if anyone out there wants to contribute and share your life thru photos. I’m not looking for another car blogger but someone who wants to share the culture around them. HMU if thats you (markfatlace at gmail dotcom).

It’s a change of pace. More Photos, More Writing, Something Different… So here’s some random unedited photos from Tokyo I shot with my Leica M Typ 240.

The Park-ing in Ginza. Located in the Sony Building in Ginza. It showcases select brands by my friend Hiroshi Fujiwara.

I suggest you go here before it closes. Its really just a pop-up store.

Crowded subway in Shibuya. It’s not really that crowded yet but its getting there.

Pilgrim in Shibuya. Cool surf shop with even cooler lounge area. Marantz systems.

Two bikes outside of GIP Store in Shibuya. Shame that brakes are the law now around town but you do see quite a few guys mashing brakeless around town.

Bernardo & Brian from Rotiform cruised around with us this shopping day.

Range Rover Classics are so popular in Tokyo along with G-Wagens and Defenders.

I’m not exactly sure what Max was doing but he was doing it.

An empty train. Rare.

Yakitori under the JR Line in Ginza. Sure, why not.





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