I received a last minute invite to hit up Rock the Bells at the Shoreline Amphitheatre.  I have to admit, i am a complete noob to Rock the Bells but it turned out waaay funner than i imagined.  Seeing these artists perform live and the energy level of the crowd is unbeatable.

took some photos with some new and old faces.  Here are some of Jan’s ladies.


Our very own, Daniel Tom and Judy.

These people were stoked about Illest.

Spotted a bunch of people with “93 ’til.” tees.  Many Souls of Mischief fans there.

Dope seeing Fashawn there.

I noticed this guy wearin an Illest crew on stage during this very intense battle.

Me and Scotts sister. lol

A lot of energy coming from the crowd as Nas performed

Souls of Mischief meet & greet

Annnddd another one, my buddy Tina from SJ

Childish Gambino