Before becoming a worldwide phenomenon, Akira Nakai first fell in-love with the AE86 during his Rough World days. The infamous drift crew had modified Hachirokus as their weapon of choice in mastering the tight corners of Mt. Tsukuba. This made the AE86 a solid foundation for RAUH-Welt Begriff.
For the past 3 years, Nakai-San logged 9 or more trips to the Philippines to work on his brand. With 10 RWB Porsche’s to date, his rockstar-like appeal clearly made an impact on the local car culture. These builds would not be possible without Manila’s premier shop for car customization, Car Porn Racing. Known for its radical builds, the bad boys from ‘CPR’ decided to give the highly acknowledged Toyota AE86 a fresh take. Ever wondered how modern RWB styling would influence the ‘Hachiroku’? Check out this quick feature.


Being inspired by the craftsmanship of Akira Nakai, Car Porn Racing’s Kim Garcia had his own vision in creating ‘V86‘. Kim and Nakai-San had been closely working during the process in establishing RWB Manila’s current fleet. With this, Kim decided to build an AE86 around the movement with his personal touch.


The first thing you would notice is the ultra-wide smooth flares, Kim shares that the reason why he went for this look rather than the signature ‘riveted flares’ is because of his dream of owning a smooth fender RWB 964.
Kim admits that the process of creating his own kit was no walk in the park. Before finalizing the design, countless of revisions were made to perfectly match the square body lines with the rounded fenders. The final added width? Plus 7 inches up front and 7.5 inches at the rear, these made the 17 x 9.5 -54 (f) and 17 x 10.5 -49 (r) Fifteen52 Tarmac Classics sit flush on all four corners.


To match the aggressive looks, the car has been installed with a 1UZ-FE V8 engine matted with an RB25 transmission. Controlled by an AirREX + AccuAir management combination, the V86 still manages to have a healthy amount of ground clearance on park mode – I believe this touch made the car look more aggressive. To pay tribute to his dream brand, Ferrari,  Kim had it painted Rosso Corsa in Manila’s exclusive Ferrari dealer, Autostrada Motore Inc.

With countless of modifications and stories to share about the build, why call it a short feature? Where are the detailed photos?


Unfortunately, these are all the photos I have…  Not so long ago, Kim decided to sell the V86 to make way for his biggest blessing, a baby boy. In keeping with tradition of having a car RWB approved, stickers/banners are removed when the car is sold, since these are considered to be Nakai’s gift to the owner.


Knowing Kim, he will surely be back with his next build. It’s probably not quite soon, but it will surely have the same impact as this one.

Hope you enjoyed.


Watch Car Porn Racing’s video here:

Specification sheet:

Ferrari Rosso Corsa red
Custom widebody Kit
Smoked Kouki taillights

One-off roll cage
One-off aluminum dash
Nardi steering wheel
Recaro bucket seats

Engine and drivetrain

1UZ-FE VVTi Engine
Nissan RB25 Transmission
Spec Stage2 Complete Clutch Set w/ Flywheel and Cylinders
Headers with Y Mid Pipe
VVTi Immobilizer Bypass
Custom Engine Supports
SPAL Custom Shroud and 12” Radiator Fan
Stainless Steel Fuel Lines
Varex Canon Exhaust
Rear Nissan S13 Subframe & Bushings
JEGS Racing AC
2-Way LSD Differential

Suspension and brakes

Airrex Air Suspension + Accuair Management
RunStop Big Brake Kit
Fifteen52 Tarmac Wheels 17 x 9.5 -54 (f) and 17 x 10.5 -49 (r)
Federal Tires
Nissan S13 Lower Control Arms


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