With the opening of Illest Orange County, we decided that it was time Illest started to have car meets at the store. Illest Orange County had the combination of a large parking lot and plenty of street parking, so it was easy for us to hold a large car meet. We were also able to have Dogzilla serve us food and have in store promotions for everybody to get some Illest gear. Through out the day, cars were coming left and right, speeding down Randolph avenue like it was a drag strip.

A parade of cars lead by a Smart car.

Jin Choi a hellaflush alumni showing some love to our meet.

Sweet little rabbit on HRE wheels.

Aggressive EVO rocking the Illest x Bride collaboration seat.

Nimo’s IS300. A lot lower now with more battle scars, the price you pay to be low.

Hyundai Genesis on Rotiforms recently featured here by Shavi.

Bagged Civic on BBS RS wheels. auslots 1.

On the other side of the Honda/Acura spectrum is the classic Acura NSX with the same color and mesh wheel combo.

I’ve seen Armand’s MR2 so many times, but his fitment still amazes me every time I see it.

Static Civic on Work VS Mesh.

Bagged Z4 rear fitment from Low N Slow.

Such a beautifully built xB, I really enjoyed this car visually because of all the details that was put into this car.

VIP LS400 on MAE Riversides.

Thanks everyone for the continuous support and for coming out to our first Slammed Sundays at the Illest Orange County store. We are going to continue this monthly meet in collaboration with Royal Origin on the second Sunday of every month. Seeya next month!