27 May 2016

My Other Car is Also a Drift Car: Sam Molakides’ 2003 IS300

What happens when your S14 is en-route to Oregon for Final Bout? You drive your other drift car around! Sam (@Asap_Salad) stopped by The Paddock the other day to pick up his custom stickers and surprised us with his IS300. For some reason this car had me feeling like some

04 Jun 2014

Collect Everything!

I’ve decided to put a bunch of extra stuff for sale on this special site I call Collect Everything. You’ll find random things from sneakers to engines to cars on it. Everything is negotiable but if you want to buy it outright at an incredible price just click the buy

19 Mar 2014

Fatlace FR-S | Rain Edition

Had a little photoshoot with the Fatlace FRS. Enjoy. Photography by Jordan Adkins –

16 Feb 2013

Hellaflush Approved: Lance Harano’s Toyota AE86

To kick of my Hellaflush Approved posts, I have the pleasure feature Lance Harano’s Toyota AE86 gracing Hawaii’s roads on SSR XR-4s.   It epitomizes Hellaflush not only with the SSR XR-4s 175/50/15 wrapped 9″ wide fronts and 195/50/15 wrapped 10″ wide rears, but also with the overall craftsmanship.  With attention

30 Oct 2012

Illest X Bride Zieg III Type R Bucket Seat

Illest is proud to announce the debute of The Illest Zieg III Type R produced for Illest by Bride Japan. This full carbon fiber, FIA approved bucket seat is part of Bride’s Low Max seat lineup which is dedicated to achieve the lowest driver position possible. Bride’s upholstery features the Illest logo embroidered on the

11 Feb 2012

Wong fitment

At big car events there are always a few rides that I realise I never pay enough attention to until after the show, especially when there is so much awesomeness in one place at one time! After the Nationals comp there was one car that really stuck in my mind,

13 Sep 2010

Toyota Supra

Well its time again for a feature from a dutch car.. This Supra is the previous car of Maurice, he’s driving an Evo X at the moment. The Supra has a 3.0L Twin Turbo Engine in it, good enough for more then 400HP. Speclist: Exterior: * Bomex Front Bumper *

16 Aug 2010

Best Wedding Montage Ever: Pierre & Beverly. 08.07.10

Video URL: I met Pierre and Beverly about 2 years ago at the Cellar in SF for a gig my good friend, Antony was DJ’ing, and actually saw them the week before their wedding for dinner with friends. These two are so chill and definitely dope company to have