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What happens when your S14 is en-route to Oregon for Final Bout? You drive your other drift car around! Sam (@Asap_Salad) stopped by The Paddock the other day to pick up his custom stickers and surprised us with his IS300. For some reason this car had me feeling like some type of way and I think it’s because it embodies my idea of a perfect daily driver/ drift car. It has comfort, style, four doors, and since it’s a Toyota it’s probably really reliable.

2003 Lexus IS300
5 speed manual

Full oem jdm aero
Aero Marker side mirrors

Tomei shift knob
Bride Brix driver seat
Bride Ergo passenger seat
Dmax floor matts

Powered by Max coilovers

SSR minerva
18×9 +11
18×10 +25