03 Oct 2016


Sydney Motorsport Park hosts an event in October each year, that has a legion of dedicated fans, drivers and constructors. This same event has grown to attract significant international interest proving it as a world renowned event. World Time Attack Challenge has a very simple mantra that encapsulates the event.

04 Jun 2013

Slammed Society: Rob Batz’s Evo X

Congratulations to Rob Batz for winning 1st place JDM at Slammed Society x Hellaflush Hawaii 2013!  It’s easy to see why his Evo X was chosen…full Varis Aero Kit and Hood, Full Carbon GT Wing and Rear Diffuser, Goodyear F1 275/30 tires on 19×10 Advan RZ wheels, JUN Auto Carbon

11 Dec 2012

Devil’s Playground presented by RECARO

This video featuring the now famous Pikes Peak crash of the Team Evolution Mitsubishi EVO driven by Jeremey Foley premiered at the RECARO LA Auto Show event a couple weeks back. It truly shows the importance of quality engineered safety equipment.

06 Jul 2012

Gravel GP – Rally New Zealand Introduction

It’s the kind of event which attracts the world’s most talented drivers.  With smooth flowing, cambered roads the Rally New Zealand is a favourite with the drivers. Of course before the main course a slight appetiser is on the cards.  Bon apetite! Ken Block showing his ‘hoonigan’ style managing to

23 Feb 2011

Fatlace Evo pt.2

Actually there’s a Part 3 coming since adding about another 100hp which brings this evo to a whopping 500+hp. Boy do I miss my evo.. if you missed Part 1. Photos by Justin Swain. Mods Evo9 MR engine, harness and ECU all into an evo 8 manely rods wiseco pistons

10 Feb 2011

Fatlace Evo

Well well.. we received photos of this evo about 2 weeks ago and while we’re waiting for new photos (since the ones we got were already featured on forums and other blogs) from Jeff, we’ll keep you waiting with this teasers. moar..

30 Jan 2011

Evo X

Well guys a while a go posted this golden Toyota Supra on Fatlace,  wich was already the previous car of Maurice. His newest car is finally ready and i spotted his car on a show this weekend. Here some random pics of the car.

09 Sep 2010

Time Attack Japanese Car Festival

During the event of Japanse Car Festival there was also Time Attack on the circuit. The Time Attack in The Netherlands has 3 classes, Semi Pro Street, Pro Street and Extreme.. Everybody is always waiting for the extreme clas becasue all the fastest cars will be on the track then.

13 Jul 2010

Touge Factory Time Attack Evo

Touge Factory along with STANCE suspension, the original, brings you a look at their latest project, A Time Attack Evo. Good looks fellas. Video from T2Films