06 Sep 2012

Formula D: Walker Wilkerson at Vegas

This year FD implemented a new track layout in comparison to previous years. On the start of Thursday’s practice the judges had the track laid out with 3 outer clipping zones. It was nearly impossible to make it to all 3 outer zones without gobs of horsepower, even if you

08 Jun 2012

Vegas with the Fam

A few weeks ago I went to Vegas with the fam so the kids can see great gramma. Took it easy, ate a lot and slept good. It was pretty much doing what we would do at home, but at Vegas. This was a nice touch by Virgin, right Hunger

07 Jun 2012

Wuste 2012

It’s Friday afternoon and I have 3 more hours before I’m off work. Nothing really to look forward to this weekend other than relaxing, so I wasn’t in any hurry. Then Mark asks me, “Hey, wanna bring the RWB to a car show in Vegas?” I tell him sure and

Picture 20
16 May 2012

Sean Rose X Lowballers “Finesse”

The Second Visual installment off Overdrive,  Sean Rose takes us cruisin in a Dope Wald LS460 around Sin City with finesse…Beats by Cam Shot by Rahkeem. – http://www.seanrose.net [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3MCLtNBdjE[/youtube]  

04 Apr 2012

Keychain in Sin City

Recently took a trip out to Las Vegas, Nevada, and it was definitely fun. If you remember when I first blogging here I did a quick teaser of the car along with my own personal introduction. Well, I had the opportunity to finally shoot Keith “Keychain” Cheng’s 2000 Honda Accord

20 Sep 2011

Minty Fresh

Cruising around town in Minty Fresh’s Z is quite and experience. Going by passing cars you can see people point and stare as they see the custom Tiffany Blue paint job with a maple pearl. The Aerosync front bumper is literally on the ground hitting everything that get’s in the

29 Aug 2011

Vegas – Formula Drift – Day 1

  This passed weekend. The Socal crew road tripped to Las Vegas for Formula Drift x Society Showcase. We checked the weather for the weekend and we were not excited about the 109 degree days at all -_-! Trying to beat the heat as much as possible we left  Thursday

28 Aug 2011

Formula D Vegas Preview

Here are some teaser shots from this weekend’s Formula D event in Las Vegas. Full post coming soon.  

19 Jul 2010

Las Vegas in 48 Hours

Had a blast in Vegas this weekend despite it being 122 degrees. Honestly I have no idea how they do it over there but some how they manage. We went for one of my best friends bachelors party. Phil Mark Rosete, remember that name ladies… He was the best man