06 Sep 2012

Formula D: Walker Wilkerson at Vegas

This year FD implemented a new track layout in comparison to previous years. On the start of Thursday’s practice the judges had the track laid out with 3 outer clipping zones. It was nearly impossible to make it to all 3 outer zones without gobs of horsepower, even if you

08 Jun 2012

Vegas with the Fam

A few weeks ago I went to Vegas with the fam so the kids can see great gramma. Took it easy, ate a lot and slept good. It was pretty much doing what we would do at home, but at Vegas. This was a nice touch by Virgin, right Hunger

07 Jun 2012

Wuste 2012

It’s Friday afternoon and I have 3 more hours before I’m off work. Nothing really to look forward to this weekend other than relaxing, so I wasn’t in any hurry. Then Mark asks me, “Hey, wanna bring the RWB to a car show in Vegas?” I tell him sure and

Picture 20
16 May 2012

Sean Rose X Lowballers “Finesse”

The Second Visual installment off Overdrive,  Sean Rose takes us cruisin in a Dope Wald LS460 around Sin City with finesse…Beats by Cam Shot by Rahkeem. – http://www.seanrose.net [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3MCLtNBdjE[/youtube]  

04 Apr 2012

Keychain in Sin City

Recently took a trip out to Las Vegas, Nevada, and it was definitely fun. If you remember when I first blogging here I did a quick teaser of the car along with my own personal introduction. Well, I had the opportunity to finally shoot Keith “Keychain” Cheng’s 2000 Honda Accord

20 Sep 2011

Minty Fresh

Cruising around town in Minty Fresh’s Z is quite and experience. Going by passing cars you can see people point and stare as they see the custom Tiffany Blue paint job with a maple pearl. The Aerosync front bumper is literally on the ground hitting everything that get’s in the

29 Aug 2011

Vegas – Formula Drift – Day 1

  This passed weekend. The Socal crew road tripped to Las Vegas for Formula Drift x Society Showcase. We checked the weather for the weekend and we were not excited about the 109 degree days at all -_-! Trying to beat the heat as much as possible we left  Thursday

28 Aug 2011

Formula D Vegas Preview

Here are some teaser shots from this weekend’s Formula D event in Las Vegas. Full post coming soon.