What inspires you to build your own? What challenges you to create your own style? For some it is the growing trend of “flush” vehicles that makes them go-with-the-flow on what the internet dictates. Bruce Tayao did it for himself.

The Civic FD is one of the commonly used platforms in modifying cars in Manila. With the different approaches on the 8th-gen Honda, Bruce made his build stand-out. Check out the photos.

He was inspired with clean styling and VIP builds, he installed a custom body kit to achieve the “Magnet”s suave-looks.

The Junction Produce Scara is considered to be one of the ‘holy grails’ in the VIP wheel-scene. Never before has anyone attempted to use Scara’s in their builds in Manila. Why? $

Bruce drives it daily running BC coil-overs. When asked on if he is given a chance to run air-suspension, he answered “I would give it a shot but not on this car”.

Yes it roams around the metro in this set-up.

I personally think that the Nankang NS-II’s stretch the best.

Inside the car he went for a full tan interior with accessories from Junction Produce such as a Fusa/Kintsuna and a custom “ICE” system. Classy.

Bruce is also one of the core members of Manila Fitted.

Now that the car is officially for sale Bruce says that he had a great run with the car. With his refined taste we can’t wait what’s next for him.


Wheels and suspension:

Junction Produce Scara

18×9 +13  front with Nankang NS-II tires 215/35R18

18×10 +25 rear with Nankang NS-II tires  with 215/40R18

Junction Produce Tire Valve Covers

BC Racing Coilovers and camber plates


Custom body kit, shaved and pulled fenders.


Junction Produce Fusa, Junction Produce Kin Tsuna and Custom Beige Leather Seats.

7″ Pioneer Touchscreen LCD TV, Headrest monitors, 15″ M.A. Audio Subwoofer with Ryan Audio Amplifiers,

4 sets of Co-Axial Speakers and Tweeters.

I will be back in a week or two with in-depth features from cars at Offset Kings Fuji. Stay tuned!

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