I don’t detest LA. There is just a social disconnect from the North to the South. I want to say it’s a big misunderstanding but LA folks always have to take things out of context calling SF the homo capital of the world. I mean that might be partially true but I refuse to believe that there isn’t the same amount of fairy flockers in So Cal as well. Bottom line, homos are everywhere. There’s no bragging rights with who has more. And speaking of gay…this homo went to Disneyland:

I know the City Of Angels is known for its star caliber, so I can see how people might be jaded by celebrity encounters. I am no pro ho but I still get pretty gassed up on the idea of meeting someone I have seen on the big screen, especially from movies I have seen growing up as a kid.

Upon my last days here I decided to check the Hollywood Boulevard and coincidently 80’s superstar Steve Guttenberg (with SNL alumni Jon Lovitz to his left) of Policy Academy series, Cocoon, Three Men and a Baby, Short Circuit fame was receiving his star on this very rainy Monday.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMehUB_Lxs4&w=775&h=450]

Also around the corner from the Walk Of Fame resides Kat Von D’s tattoo shop High Voltage Tattoo where her reality show LA Ink was predominantly filmed at. Tattoo shops seriously have the best sense of organize clutter and this place was no different. Just wall to wall paintings, skateboards, guitars and other odd memorabilia that are close to Kat’s heart. Kind of bummed on the visit because I would later find out that she was actually in the back of the shop.

Took home a nice gift for my self from D-Land…a Mike Wazowski coffee mug. LA…you were better then expected. I left you feeling like I spent money on a good hooker. The nights were fun but I am glad to be back home.