Sup everybody, my name is Lorenze “Lo” Torres. For those of you who don’t know me, I used to work at Fatlace a couple years back, left to work for Apple, and recently reemployed to help make Mark and the team’s vision of the brand come to fruition. In the course of my time here, I’ll be producing dope content, events, and contests to help engage with our fans, followers, you. Enough about me, let’s get on with the main attraction; the NFS x Risky Devil RWB.


Taking this particular RWB out to Cars and Coffee was important because it most likely will never attend it again as it will be going on tour and then back home to its rightful owner in Chicago. To be honest with you, I’m surprised that the universe didn’t explode because this has to be one of the coolest collaborations for a promotional vehicle. You’re talking about Need For Speed (the racing game of my childhood), RWB, Fifteen52, Airlift, Bisimoto paired with street cred of Risky Devil.


The car was well received by the spectators and it was a treat to see people’s faces light up. I figured that it would be selfish of us to hog all this eye candy to ourselves at the Paddock and we wouldn’t be doing it justice if we don’t share it with other automotive enthusiasts.


It was important that we parked in a regular spot alongside the other attendees. I wanted to make it a point that we weren’t anymore special just because we rolled in with an RWB. We also gave the crowd a glimpse into the craftsmanship that Bisi put into the motor and they all gave the nod of approval.


My co-pilot Levi and I happily handed out stickers, answered questions to the best of our abilities, and shared many “wow!” moments with people who have been wanting to see one of these crazy creations in person.


The fun didn’t stop at Cars and Coffee, Levi being a photographer and die-hard automotive enthusiast could not resist the urge to shoot the car. Upon our request the RC folks were kind enough to let us borrow the track space for 20 minutes to do some magic and these were the results.


This RWB hits me in the feels because it brought together the best names in the automotive culture such as Need For Speed, the racing game of my childhood to make one beast of a ride! It’s a good blend of speed, looks, and most importantly comfort. I was telling Levi that if you were just thrown in the car without seeing the exterior you’d think you’d be driving a regular 964. The clutch was very friendly, the air ride kept our pelvis from being turned into dust, and the power was smooth and linear (props to Bisimoto). Most important of all, it followed Levi’s 3-to-1 Law which states “A car has to be three times faster than it sounds.”


Before I conclude this article, I’d like to give a big shout out to Fish for allowing us to take HIS car out to the event, EA Games and Need For Speed, and Levi for being an awesome photographer and co-pilot. Most importantly, I’d like to thank the people who came up and wanted to talk cars with us. You guys drive our passion to want to do cool things with the Fatlace brand. You can expect us at Cars and Coffee SF next month with something cool and possibly some giveaways!

Liked the photos? Give Levi a follow on Instagram or DM him @LeviBarker if you want to schedule a shoot!