Aloha-Tokyo (26)
15 Jan 2015

Aloha Tokyo

Last weekend, I gave into peer pressure (thanks Mark, Anton, Brian, and Dat!) and hopped on a last minute flight to Tokyo. While I finish post processing my photos from Tokyo Auto Salon, here’s some photos from the rest of our adventures. Fresh from the airport, we went straight to

Palawan Underground River2
14 Jan 2015

2015 Intentions

Intentions vs. resolutions.  On purpose.  So here goes…my 2015 intentions: Be a voracious reader. Growing up you’d find me at the bookstore every week.  But times have changed.  The elusive bookstore, e-books, books to movies…and the world of right now.  And because of this, I can’t just sit.  And read. 

Merry New Year 36
07 Jan 2015

Merry New Year

Peace and see you later 2014! I got champagne wishes and caviar dreams for 2015! Merry New Year!!!

31 Dec 2014

2014 Unpublished

Of the 300 GBs of photos I took in 2014, only 3 GBs of those ever made it to Fatlace; the others may have gotten some love on Instagram or even lost while waiting for publication, releases, etc….so here’s to the ones that never made it! Earlier this month, we

[christmas in ca]
28 Dec 2014

Christmas in California

Coming from Hawaii, Christmas in California feels like the North Pole…those are some serious life issues!  But nothing a trip to Disneyland can’t resolve Wifey was pretty bummed that we missed Hello Kitty Con 2014 earlier this year (check out Tricia’s post here, so we sacrificed some family time

23 Dec 2014


The Air Max sneaker has been a cult classic since its inception in 1987. From the comfort, stability, versatility, and it’s functionality. All in all it’s a practical everyday kind of shoe, that I fell in love with at an early age. Making it one of, if not my all

19 Dec 2014

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Peace, love and holiday blessings to you and yours! MerryXO, Christine P.S.  Back in three weeks!

10 Dec 2014

50 Shades of Grey

It’s been DAYS since the sun’s been out and it’s literally 50 shades of grey. Be careful what you ask for. #calmbeforethestorm My new fave station in the Bay. #classichiphop #staywarm Storm feels. #fallentrees In between storm feels. #dogwalks And more of the same (or worse) this week. #sigh