01 Oct 2015

Would you care about a Taxi driver’s love story?

    She was working next door as a baby sitter. I see her every time I come home from school. I asked her name, she said she kept it inside a treasure box. So I told her, maybe she should bring it with her the next time I see her.

01 Oct 2015

I Like It

Had some new experiences this past weekend. Oooooooo and I liked it.  My new fave nail shop. #Fresh Brunch at Zut. House parties and taco catering? #YouHadAtMeAtHola Finally tried the #LaVicOrangeSauce and O.M.G…. they weren’t kidding. #crack For the heads this is mandatory viewing. Sneakerheadz #thumbsup Mine wasn’t as fab

29 Sep 2015

“The words writes itself, I’m just a typist.”

    I kept my eyes focused on the details and carefully stepped on the rocks. I couldn’t see both side views of the trail because I was scared to fall. After few minutes, my feet started moving like it had a life of its own. Finally I gained little confidence

28 Sep 2015

I don’t wanna wait, Today.

  “I regret the day I turned my back on my parents and took off with my friends because of my vices.” I have been everywhere along the streets of Manila for more or less 30 years now, my parents are gone. Fifteen years ago when I first ate the food

28 Sep 2015

Project Tao: My Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

Tao…the Chinese philosophical word meaning ‘the path’ or ‘the route’.  It meant nothing to me, until last week when I told my friend I need a project name for a car I was planning on picking up. I asked him “your good at making up random names, think of a

27 Sep 2015

The Trap we created.

    I wake up everyday believing that the world has been the way I always knew about it because of those stories told by my grandparents or answers from people who also just heard stories from their parents passed on to their children. Stories came from the mouth of an individual

26 Sep 2015

When the boy came home.

     There was a boy who loved to travel. He went everywhere and lived differently every stop. There was an unknown excitement coming from within whenever he’s about see a new place and a pinch of loneliness each time he left. He wondered why couldn’t he feel fully happy? But

Endless mimosas again.  Because did I mention endless?
16 Sep 2015


Sun daze. Sun days. Sundaze.   #LeilaBytheBay And I can’t forget… SUNDAYS! ‘Tis the season! #ninergang

01 Sep 2015


SurfAid’s core mission is to save the lives of women and children in remote areas of Indonesia – areas connected to us by surfing. Current programs are in the Mentawai, Nias, Sumba and Sumbawa. Billabong has recently announced a partnership with SurfAid’s flagship program in Indonesia. SurfAid focuses on women

26 Aug 2015

Know What I Want

I know what I want…